Does your Chloe demand its own seat at Dinner?

  1. Just wondering if anyone else needs a separate chair to place their Chloe bag on while dining out :supacool:

    Mine refuses to be hung over the back of the chair (for fear of being spilled on or bumped) and it won't even consider being placed on the floor! It won't allow me to place it on my lap either, 'cause I might drop something on or in it.

    The only remaining option is getting another chair for it :yes:

    This seems ok when there are two seated at a four-top. After that, it gets complicated!
  2. i prefer doing that with my bags as well. i have nothing compared to a chloe, but never on the floor
  3. I accidently sat my oak-colored Mulberry Blenheim in something wet during a meal once and am now left with a nasty splotch on the bottom :crybaby:

    I think the Blenheim told the Paddy girls and now they live in terror that I might [gasp] sit them on the table top :upsidedown:
  4. Oh, so sorry about your Blenheim! :crybaby: That sucks!

    Yup, I share your pain! My bags get their own chair, but if we're at a 2-top I find room on the table IF the table is totally spotless and scanned for water, and even then it sits against the wall so the servers cannot hover over it with food and I move my beverages to the outside edge of the table - I even place the salt and pepper in front of it as a barrier so the plate doesn't get bumped into the bag!! It can truly be traumatic when I don't have an extra chair!! LOL!
  5. Oh, most definitely! If anything, my hubby is more aware of my purse sitting on dirty things than I am! Probably because he sees the expense of the bag as something not to "toss" around. At a recent dinner party he saw my disgruntled face as I was looking around our table. All of the chairs were occupied. He leaned over and said in a low voice, "Do you want a chair for your bag?" I nodded :crybaby: and he went to another table and pulled a chair over for me. He picked up my purse, put it on the chair and then asked one of his employees if she would like to set her bag on it as well. It was a very polite thing to do. :love:
  6. Gina_b -- Love the purse pal!! Great idea. Although I suspect my DH would find some design flaw with it and tinker endlessly.

    LG -- LOL funn!! I can totally see my DH doing something like that. When we take our older car into the city he holds it in his lap if I drive so it doesn't sit on the rear dog-be-furred seats :biggrin:
  7. Same at the grocery was my new prada I was using, but I actually scanned over a few carts to find one with a perfectly clean seat to set the purse in. I was thinking maybe I should buy one of those cushy seats things they make for babies to sit in to stay germ-free. Not for my children of course, but for my purse! I also thought about how much I wish it was stylish to carry around the sleeper bag and stick your purse in it when you were out! In a dark movie theater I might be caught doing something that dorky!
  8. Well I have decide to take my sleeper bag with me so I can put my bag in it before I try and stuff it in my locker at work. Now I can pull out the sleeper when I'm using a shopping cart and I always ask for another chair and my girlfriends always just crack up. The waitress will say, oh you're expecting someone else and I'll say, no it's for my handbag.
  9. hmwe46, Purse=Heaven, blugenie, lordguinny, Triplets05 & loren...
    Well, at least now I know I'm not alone in this...most ppl who see me doing this thing I'm a nut-case at best. Most of the time they would just shoot me dirty looks for having the audacity to take an extra seat just for my bag. And if they are not satisfied with that then they'll just send the waitress over to fetch the chair my bag is sitting on.

    As for the ladies'/restrooms, if I need to put my bag down on the countertop (near the sink), I will line that area with paper towels before setting my bag on top.

    gina_b, thanks for sharing...the PursePal is a great idea :smile:
  10. I am exactly like this too. I never put my bag on the table for fear something will spill on it. If there isn't an extra seat available I ask the waiter before I order for a chair. :shame:

    gina_b: Omg I want to try that now! :heart: Does it really work?

    lordguinny: That was so thoughtful of your hubby! My boyfriend has gotten accustomed to my bag-dinning habits so now he gets me chairs too. :smile:

    Triplets05: When I go shopping the bag has to be on me always. I'm too scared to put it in a basket. Ugh theaters are so dirty in Ny! So I 1) Never ever ever let the bag rest on the ground (even with something under it.) 2) Always give the bag a seat and place a jacket or something under the bag for protection and 3) Never take my favorite bags (just incase) I know I'm freakish anal about that but I once had an LV ruined in a theater so I'm paranoid for life. :Push:
  11. I always try to put my bag on an extra seat ... if there are none available then it sits on my lap covered with a napkin or a jacket. I also put the bag on my seat behind me (not hanging on the chair, but behind my back) ... I sit on the edge of the chair so that I don't squish my bag.
  12. My poor Chloe usually goes on the FLOOR :wtf: under my seat
  13. I am like the lady on the plane who refused to put her gucci under her seat - forget that! :yes:

    but then i'm weird like that...LOL i told my mom to say hello to her new grandchild when my bag arrived:upsidedown:
  14. I was a bit skeptical at first, but you know, having bought about 10 new bags since joining the boards (y'all are such a bad influence on me! :sneaky:), I thought I ought to take some sort of precautionary measures to protect them and snapped a purse pal up online on a whim. It's a very clever little device that works on a simple principle of physics.


    The flat disc is slightly weighted and rests on the table; the long hook runs below the table at an angle (towards the center of the table) -- the effect is to use the weight of the bag to hold itself. It's pretty neat and effortless.

    The one I have is the "Day Bag" size. There's an "Evening Bag" size for smaller, lighter bags, but for me, the Day Bag is enough to do double duty.

    As if we need more convincing, the proceeds from each one goes to a specific charity (mine goes towards breast cancer research). So, it's all good!

    (And no dirty bottom for my Chloe! :yahoo: )