Does your chanel wrinkle???

  1. i have a white jumbo caviar and the flap is wrinkling, maybe due to opening it. does yours wrinkle as well? ill post pics soon.:shrugs:
  2. at the crease of where the flap opens?

    It's "skin" so some wrinkling is normal around parts that move IMO.
  3. My reporter bag is getting mushy at the top! It's my daily bag so I'm sort of sad to see it losing its shape.
  4. Yes, I think the wrinkling can be found more on the caviar flaps than on the lambskin ones, since the lambskin leather is softer. It just happens when you use your bag often enough and is nothing to be worried about IMO.

    I'll bet the wrinkles on your flap are nothing compared to the wrinkles on my face though! :lol:
  5. i got so worried when i saw it:rant:
    Beautylicious: it is caviar leather, so it is just common?

    i should have bought lambskin if it doesnt wrinkle, im just concerned that lambskin may be more sensitive and difficult to maintain:tender:
  6. If you already are worried about the wrinkles on the interior of your caviar flap, then I think that you will even have more problems with the lambskin flap. Lambskin leather is beautiful, nothing beats the look and feel of it IMO. But it is more sensitive and a little more difficult to maintain, like you said.

    Possible scratches and wear are more noticeable on the in- and exterior of the lambskin flap than on the caviar flap. Caviar leather is very durable and so easy to maintain.
  7. bumping this thread, instead of starting a new one....

    So it is normal for a caviar jumbo to have the leather soften near the corners with use? And can anyone confirm that the bag evenually loses its shape (i.e. gets slouchy) with use?

    Are any of these "losing shape"/"wrinkle"/"slouchy" problems fixable at the boutique?