Does your cat stalk you?

  1. My cat follows me everywhere. Everytime I go to the bathroom, he follows me there and stares at me. Sometimes he even sits right on top of my feet while I'm *ahem* taking care of business.
    Everytime I go to the computer he begs to sit on my lap and I feel sorry for him so I let him jump up and then I have difficulty typing since his body is in the way of the keyboard lmao. And then he also enjoys walking around my computer desk while I'm trying to see the monitor!
    When I sit down he demands to sit on my lap which I hate since he digs his nails into me :wtf:.
    I've almost tripped over him a few times since he tags along wherever I go.
    And finally, when I try to sleep he enjoys laying next to me with his butt in my face. I've been forced to kick him out of my bedroom so I can sleep in peace LOL.
  2. Omg, my cat gets on my lap too while I'm at the computer and if I don't pay attention he trys to jump on my desk. He has also tried tripping me sometimes while I walk. And what is up with cats trying to put their butts near your face? So odd....
  3. Sometimes my cat does this but my Chihuahua does this ALL the time.
  4. I have two cats. One follows me everywhere. It's so bad that if I move from the couch to the love seat, he moves from the couch to the love seat. He sticks to me like glue. It's a bit ridiculous though endearing at the same time.
  5. Up until recently I had 3 cats... and ALL of them followed me. The eldest would always need to sit where she could see me, but wasn't all over me. The middle child (now my eldest) sits at the foot of a chair or couch and just STARES at me. And the youngest he needs to be right in my face. I don't know what it is, I guess they just find me fascinating :p
  6. Yes mine do the same thing. For some reason they love to come with me to the bathroom and stare. It´s freaky!
  7. My cat stalks me all day long. If I get on the computer, he jumps up and sits on the keyboard. If I go to the bathroom, a few seconds later, he pushes the door open and just sits there staring at me. If I shut my door, he will sit on the other side of the door and stick his little paws under the door.
  8. Aww! I wish my kitty did this. She won't even sit on my lap or lay down with me, she acts so independent. She will follow me sometimes but that's about it. But she will do anything when it's food time. :p
  9. my cat does that, too!!! i can't read anything or take photos of things i'm selling because he ALWAYS lies smack dab in the middle of it! my cat used to go between the two curtains on my bathtub like a little creep.
  10. ^ Lol.
  11. My cat does ALL of that. It is so funny, he likes to peek around corners and watch me and if he sees me looking at him while he's peeking, he'll hide! He is very affectionate and loves me the most. We have a very special bond.
  12. My dogs are worse about this than my cats, except at night when the cats both have to sleep on top of me. Seriously, one cat weighs 18 lbs. and the other 6 lbs. so that's a lot of fur!
  13. Haha My cat does that too!
  14. Awww, he just wuvs his mommy :love:
  15. ^ LOL yes he does! I can pet any part of his body and I know he won't bite or scratch me! But if someone else tries to rub his stomach or anything, he freaks out lmao.