Does your butt hert?

  1. Sorry (Title) but I just noticed that I have been on ther Forum for hours. Its been good but my butt herts Ive been sitting too long. I lost track of time. Thanks every one for seeing my threds today I had a lot to say. :blush:

    Every one here is so Cool! :yahoo:
  2. no I'm used to it I'm here for hours just about every night lol I have no life LOL
  3. hahah I had to like double check the title!!! I usually come on and off the forum thought the day so no real pains.
  4. I was just sitting on the bleachers for 2 hours watching my son play baseball and now I am home and back on my butt here at the forum. YES my butt hurts! :s
  5. i make sure everything is ergonomically friendly since the hours i log in here is nuts! :nuts:
  6. The title got me.... :p I thought i was spm! I said to myself "Aww crap... another thread to delete and report?" :push:

    I think my post count speaks for itself when asking how much time I spend on here. :p
  7. LOl, i have a lap top so i move around alot, bed ,living room, out side, bathroom .hahaha, My butt gets numb, I must have a big butt, no
  8. DANG John, I never noticed your post amount and only since last year?? Post whore!! hehe, I mean that in the nicest way :p
  9. I usually do it lying down. ;)So no aches for me.
  10. Me too!! i never noticed your thread count before John that's crazy one day I'll get there LOL
  11. Yeah it hurts, but it's sooo worth it.;)
  12. i am so addicted to this place. it calms me down. and that's saying a lot, since i'm ALWAYS in freakout mode!
  13. No, I am used to sitting all day long. That's what I do at work all day. Sit in meetings.
  14. I love this place. And YES, my butt does hurt after hours sitting
  15. I sit on a pillow, it helps :yes: