Does your boyfriend/husband hate your Uggs?

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  1. Mine does!

    I've noticed that most men I know think Uggs are just ridiculously awful. While I don't think they're downright awful, I agree they're not the most polished thing a girl could put on her feet. But they're so comfy!

    My boyfriend NEVER comments on my clothes, bags, shoes -- except the Uggs! He hates them!

    I only have two pairs: chestnut talls and these short, sherbert-peach ones that I got at a steep discount. He especially loathes the latter.

    Alas and alack! I guess he and my Uggs will have to live in peace.
  2. No, DH likes them a lot.
    He likes 2 extremes. He likes sexy heels and he likes chunky boots on girls w/ skirts.
    I don't wear mine w/ skirts, but when we first met, granny boots and skirts were in and once in a blue moon I'd indulge him.
    He digs that look! LOL!
  3. My DH makes jokes about them but admits that he thinks they are really cute on me!?! LOL
  4. Actually, DH was the one that turned me onto Uggs when he had purchased a pair before I met him years and years ago. He loves the great outdoors and they represented that. He hated seeing them worn as some kind of fashion trend and in all the pastel colors though. I think because it drained the rugged edge from them. I haven't seen him wear his in a while since then. lol
  5. LOL...he thinks they're ugly...but likes the fact that they help prevent my feet from developing foot problems that come with wearing high heels 24/7...
  6. My BF gave me my first pair, and my second and third pair, I think, also. He thinks its cute when I wear them with skirts and sexy? when I wear them with skinnies.
  7. My SO hates them too. I asked if he would ever buy another pair for me and he said NEVER. I asked him why and he said because he doesn't buy ugly stuff, lol.
  8. He hates Uggs, yes. I don't wear them anyway though.
  9. He has been trying to get me to buy a pair (or let him buy them for me) for walking the dogs at night because he thinks that they look so warm and comfy.
  10. My husband just shook his head and said," Another pair of boots?!? Those are sooo ugly!" So I told him I didn't care what they look like, that it was like walking around in slippers! I have the Ugg clogs, too, which hates as well. LOL Oh, well, he doesn't have to wear them.
  11. He doesn't hate them but doesn't find them very attractive. He knows I really like them since they are so warm and comfortable so he doesn't really complain about it which is good since I recently ordered another pair.
  12. My boyfriend doesn't make any comments either way...frankly, I think he's a little overwhelmed by my shoe collection! His last girlfriend (so he says) only had two pairs of shoes - casual shoes and dress shoes. He's still trying to wrap his head around D'orsay heels, he hasn't gotten to the Uggs yet.
  13. My BF thinks my Love From Australia uggs are really cute! :biggrin:

    I have also received plenty of male attention whilst wearing them. Not sure if that's because of them, though! :shrugs:

    Mind you, because I'm tall, most men seem to prefer me in flats. I think I scare them in heels! :lol:

    Also, because I have small feet with high arches, a big head, big boobs and long legs; I'm hopeless in high heels. :shame: :Push: I fall over all the time! :crybaby:

    I think, ultimately, you're most attractive in what you feel happy, comfortable and confident in and in my case, that's my uggs! :biggrin:
  14. Yes, he hates them! Although he does enjoy not hearing me complain and moan about my feet hurting when we are out!:yes:
  15. my bf calls them my "ugglies". he hates them! but i live in canada, so they're so comfy and warm in the winter. i only wear them around the house, but it still drives him insane. oh well...