Does your body have a happy weight? And how to get past it!

  1. So, I think my body just has a happy weight and refuses to weigh any less. I've weighed the same since I was in 9th grade (which made me very chubby in 9th grade, but still true:p) and I can't seem to get past this weight no matter what I do. I've been exercising 3-5 times a week and watching what I eat and the scale hasn't budged... and it's been over a month. Not even a pound. I started dieting because I felt like my body looked different than it used to, even though the scale said the same thing. I remember going on diets in the past on to quit hopeless about not moving the scale!

    I read posts from you ladies about your past diet experiences and I'm so jealous! I just want to lose about 10 pounds but can't lose any! Anyone else have the same problem? :shrugs:

    And it's not that I'm overly thin to begin with... I'm about 5'7 and weigh 135 pounds. I wear a 6-8 in pants (but an extra small in tops! I hate being a pear!). I feel like 125 isn't unrealistic... heck, I'd be happy to even get to 130!
  2. Yes, I do think that our bodies have a "happy weight" at which it doesn't require drastic calorie cutting and insane amounts of exercise to maintain that weight. Try as I might, I will never be less than 130 pounds. I'm 5'5". I usually fluctuate between 130-135, for the last few months it's been closer to 130 :angel: I exercise 5-6 days a week because I enjoy it, and I don't really count calories. I just make sure I don't overdo it on the weekdays - on weekends, anything goes :devil:

    If you're dieting, working out and not losing any weight, your body is probably trying to tell you that it's perfectly happy at this weight. You're 5'7" and 135 - that's a perfectly normal, healthy weight for someone your height. If anything, you are developing healthy eating and exercise habits that will pay off in the long run. Continue working out and eating right - your body will thank you for it :nuts:
  3. I totally agree with Cristina. I also have sort of a happy weight - I'm 5'6" and the last time I weighed under 130 lbs, I was 12 years old. Your weight sounds pretty low - maybe you just want to tone up a bit rather than lose poundage? Sounds like you are on the right track with exercise and eating healthier.
  4. Yes, and I'm not 'happy' about it at all, LOL! And, the happy weight set point has crept up a little over the last 15 years or so.

    I'm 5' 4 1/2" and my lowest was 128 when I was about 27 or 28 years old. I'm built pretty solid, so even at around 140 lbs I can get into a size 8.

    Now I'm on my 2nd 'wave' of trying to battle a few extra pounds...2nd wave in about 15-20 years of weight creeping up, losing it over about 6 months, keeping it off a few years, then the weight creeping back up again. Ugh I'm so tired of this!
  5. The problem with my weight is I carried it ALL in my legs, thighs, and butt. I feel I have a very awkward shape and clothes would fit much better if I lost a few pounds. I've been trying to tone up but that looks awkward too. Because I can get pretty toned arms and abs and still have a flabby butt and jiggly thighs!

    I'm just gonna keep at it and hopefully I get some results that I like, haha.
  6. I don't recommend you to try weighing less than your body is supposed to weigh, if you know what I mean. It's unhealthy, believe me I know.
  7. I have the same problem! My thighs hold onto fat and wont let go. Does not matter how much weight i lose my thighs will not let go of the fat. I started running last yr and i've seen shrinkage of my thighs...but i've also developed muscles. My mom thinks its scary...wat can i do?
  8. I have a happy weight. And when I dip below it, I get so hungry and even my motivation to work out is a bit less (I love to work out). But I'm like you, so I keep trying to lose and keep off that last five pounds. And I agree, it does help develop self control and good habits!
  9. I hear you all who carry weight in your lower body. I'm built the same way. I have a small upper body and don't carry much fat in that area, but I've got junk in the trunk :nuts: Unfortunately, there is no such thing as spot reducing and trying to lose fat from a certain area of the body. When I lose weight, it seems to disappear faster from my face, hands and everywhere else, except for my thighs, hips and behind. I've come to accept that it's the way I'm built, and focus on weight training exercises for my lower body to build muscle in that area.
  10. Boo! I have the opposite problem! I can't for the life of me lose weight in my chest or love handles, but I can't get my butt to grow! I look like an inverted triangle! :upsidedown: But once again, I agree with Cristina, you have to accept your basic body shape and work to stay healthy. Confidence is so much more beautiful than anything else.
  11. I had some luck this year with dropping my set point that I had been stuck on for 10 years- if you try and do it through dieting your body senses that you are going into famine and drops your metabolism....our bodies are so smart, you really have to get two steps ahead of it- literally. Up your cardio to at least 5 to 6 times a week and make sure you are breaking a sweat. Do like Christina has been doing and eat smaller frequent meals, make sure you have some protein with each meal and snack. Your appetite does increase but the extra food you eat will get burned off. A pound of muscle burns 50 times more calories than a pound of fat so if you can start adding some weights to the mix you will be happy.
    Christina- you are doing everything right including enjoying the occasional splurge and to hell with the trunk.:tup:
  12. :lol: LOL! You got it - to hell with it!
  13. I'm telling ya'......drink green tea or oolong tea if you can find it. It will get you out of your unhappy happy weight.
  14. I´m also built that way (fat goes off face and boobs first....), but if you´re building muscle in that area, isn´t gonna make it look bigger ?
    I´m trying to get back to the happy weight I had for 8 years (since 18) : 52 kg (115lb), then I went down to 49 kg and up to 59 kg, just in 2 years !! I am 1m70 (5´7)
  15. I am the same way 5'3 and 121. I really want to get back to my wedding weight of 110 but it takes lots of effort. I am like you and carry almost all of my weight in but and upper legs which sucks!!! I started a thread to hopefully get others join me in my quest to lose about 10 pounds. Maybe all of us pears can get together and see if we can change our bodies a little bit (I know I will never have very skinny legs - my mom does though - lucky lady!!)