does your bag match your outfit?

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  1. And by my outfit, I mean shorts and a t-shirt and flip flops :P But I just wonder what you guys do, especially if you dress for work (I just wear scrubs). As I was trying on my turquoise Ergo tote I mentioned to the SA that it might not match stuff I wear. She said it didn't matter (which I knew but it was good to hear). Of course, some days I don't carry my Pond shoulder bag cause it clashes with a blue top I'm wearing.
    So, do you match your bag to what you wear? Just curious (and I apologize if this has been discussed recently!)
  2. For work I don't bother trying to match my outfit. I am NOT a morning person and I get out of bed at the last possibly moment. It's a good day when I actually give myself time to do my hair (otherwise, pony tail it is!). If i tried to change pocketbooks in the morning i'd most likely forget something important (like my wallet).

    But if I'm going out to dinner or something nice, I definitely match my bag to my outfit.
  3. I say the Turquoise is a colorful'll go with anything!!!! I have a khaki/gold sig Carly that is my everyday bag, but I also have a sig stripe black/gunmetal Demi that I use to go "out" if I don't need a big bag. I am thinking about getting another bag though - for when I don't want to use khaki.
    Your Turquoise is the PERFECT color!!!!! IMHO!
  4. I honestly believe that my handbags are almost like pieces of art that standout by themselves. If I want to use one that doesn't match my outfit, I don't worry about it. Sometimes I get the matchy matchy bug.

    My SIL on the other hand, matches everything. Her clothes, shoes, belts, jewelry, bag...too matchy for my taste. The other day she asked me what of the clothes I was wearing matched my Ergo hobo in turquoise. :noggin: I answered nothing, it's the last bag I got and I'm using it until it feel like it. She laughed and told me I needed to give it to her because it matched some clothes she'd just purchased....:roflmfao: I said sure, if you give me one of your evening clutches for my bro's wedding (I'm picking one tomorrow to borrow it...:lol:) Her collection makes mine look like crap....

    So, I match if I feel like it.
  5. I always match my bag with my outfit, but I also work in an office where I can wear what I want & I'm a college student. I usually pick out my outfit and switch bags before I go to bed.
  6. Not match as in matchy-matchy, but I do like to coordinate. For example, I won't carry khaki signature if I'm wearing black and white.

    - TwoSirius
  7. I don't match my outfit at all unless it's a special occasion like a wedding haha. I don't even bother matching my shoes or coat. I have a chocolate brown winter coat and I carried my black Soho tote all winter. :nuts:

    Although now that I look at todays outfit I do match. khaki shirt, jeans, brown shoes and khaki sig carly :tup:

    I suppose most of the time it doesn't matter since I have neutral colored bags.
  8. I always just use the latest one until I get another I never match my outfits to my purses, but on the other hand I didn't buy the straw purse since I work in an office and wear a suit everyday and I didn't think I could really carry it maybe I do in a way...hmmmm....:confused1:
  9. Not usually, but I only have a couple of purses anyway. Too much of a pain to switch in and out. I do like to wear black with black and then brown with everything else though. ;)
  10. Never, and if it does, it is just dumb luck. lol
  11. I always match my bag with my outfit. If i didn't, some of them would feel left out. For me, the perfect bag is the final touch to the perfect outfit. Even if the bag doesn't "match" it still coordinates with my outfit. It always looks put together and deliberate. I'd hate to have a lovely outfit and a lovely bag that clashed with each other and wear them together. That would ruin it for both of them and would make them very sad because instead of people thinking how lovely they are, they would think "oh my that bag and outfit clash!"
  12. I coordinate my stuff but it doesn't have to be too matchy matchy. I change my purse often but not the stuff inside.

    Rapunzel - where in AZ are you?
  13. I am more likely to be concerned with coordinating style than matching color. I don't think it's necessary to have everything match but you also don't want something to clash or just look oddly out of place.
  14. I'm a matcher.....if I'm wearing dark brown, then I do my brown soho flap or if I'm wearing black it's either the black on black sig (with prints/stripes) or the black/white tote. For just about anything else it's between my carly or legacy because they're neutral....just depends on what I feel like carrying.
  15. I just need to make sure it doesn't clash. I can't wear certain colors together even if it's my bag. But I don't like to be too matchy.