Does your bag...match with your CAR?????

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  1. The other day...when I was walking up to Macy's ...I noticed this rust pile of a car (I think it was about at 1990 Ford Taurus?) pull into the very few parking spots close to Macy's. When the car was turned off, a BIG POP came out the back end!:wtf:
    Out of the drivers side came a very beautiful woman..dressed casually in nice jeans and a pretty Pucci looking jacket..carrying from what I could see, a STEPHEN SPROUSE Louie Bag!:wtf: :wtf: :wtf:

    She went into Macy's..but not sure which I headed straight for Louis Vuitton. Didn't see her I left right after my purchase.

    My question is...does your car match your purse?? Her's definetly didn't..Maybe thats why she can afford the Sprouse!:graucho: :roflmfao:

    what kind of wheels do you drive???
  2. Yes, my car matches. I no longer drive a luxury car, but a newer Mercury.
  3. I don't exactly know what you mean by matching my you mean, if it matches, it should be a BMW or a Mercedes?

    Being a student, I drive a silver '99 Toyota Corolla LE :yes: It's sooooo good on gas, I only fill it up once every three weeks! :nuts: I'm hoping to get a Nissan Altima within the next three years.
  4. I guess it used to...
    I had a BMW series 3 but had to trade it for a Toyota Sienna
    for the two kids...
  5. Lexus. I guess it matches. Luxury to luxury, but nothing rare and not the priciest.
  6. ..Does a Lexus count? But then again, when I am downtown (Chicago) I take the bus, train, cabs, etc...
  7. Yeah, I think. I drive a new BMW SUV. I hate being stereotyped though.
  8. I drive an 06 honda pilot it matches my family (husband 3 kids 2 dogs) I would rather have money for LV then spend it on a luxury car that's only going lose value. I think I spent more on my LV then on my house. LOL
  9. I drive a 2005 Range Rover HSE (my "family" car) and a 2006 Honda S2000. My husband is looking to buy a BMW 335i and trade in my S2 soon.
  10. This is meant to be fun:yes: ..not to offend..or stereotype anyone.:rolleyes:

    I drive a Honda Civic..not to fancy..not to blah...just practical, popular and widely seen...:yes: and yes it matches my LV Speedy perfectly...;)
  11. lol no. I have a 2006 chevy cobalt. hee hee
  12. Not sure-- I drive an Infiniti coupe but my dream car is a Mercedes. Hmmm-- I guess it does match because my dream bag is Hermes but I carry a LV.
  13. oh my gosh - it DOES! Grey X5 w/ light interior... mah bag is in my avatar...

  14. i dont know how to answer the question..but i drive a winning blue mazda 3 :rochard:...i guess my answer is..a sharp car for a sharp person like me ..when i open the door and the tight jeans comes out with those sexy heels on... "im bringing sexy back"...

  15. civic + speedy = perfect match :heart: :graucho:
    speedyazur.jpg civic.jpg