Does Your Bag Have To Match Your Shoes ?

SuzyZ said:
I prefer it but it is absolutley not necessary - I think it's more important that my shoes cooridinate properly with my pants.

I agree. My shoes must match my outfit. I am a little more flexible with my purse. The bags I carry everyday are neutral usually Louis Vuitton, Gucci etc. in basic colors. However, I am leaning towards buying clutch bags in various colors to add to my collection. This is so Girlfriends/Sex in the City.


Jan 8, 2006
hehe, i know i posted up a comment about 2-3 weeks ago, but hehehe, today i must of got dressed in the dark or something.... anyway i've got my white ethnies skate shoes on and i wore my black city Balenciaga to work today!!! totally not matching at all - i actually feel like a fashion retard or try hard today!!! hahaha! :weird: