Does Your Bag Have To Match Your Shoes ?

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  1. I always try to co-ordinate my shoes/boots with my bag.
  2. Not really.. I make sure they don't look bad together, but I'm not obsessive about it :P
  3. Maybe not match, but coordinate. Dressy shoes/ Dressy bag; casual shoes/casual bag.
  4. heh, all i wear pretty much is flip flops.
  5. I just make sure that I never wear brown shoes with a black bag.
  6. To work??
  7. LOL! Nope! All my bags would be pinks or lilacs as I've been living my my pink Pumas and my Lilac Pumas! LOL!
    I'm a stay at home Mom, gotta be comfy!
    I do not carry formal/dressy bags though, so it's all good! ;)

    Amanda - I live in flip flops all summer!
  8. I live in flip flops also! To school, to work even!
  9. Same here.
  10. I agree with a few others....coordinate, but not match. On some days, I simply just don't care (usually my "blah" days).
  11. i'm 20 and in college, i work at best buy, so i wear black work shoes (my uniform is black slacks and a blue button-down), but i carry whatever bag i please to work, i don't worry about matching it to the uniform.

    and pretty much everywhere else...flip flops! even during winter (well, it's like 65 degrees outside right now, this is georgia after all...)
  12. um, no... i'm too causal! right now i'm wearing flip flops and long shorts... i'm that scruffy chick with all the nice bags! hehehehe!!!! But i do try and make an effort when i go out at night... hehehe :shame:
  13. Its cute sometimes, but I don't think they have to match perfectly.
  14. No...if that was important to me I wouldn't own bags I live in a scrub uniform during the day and relax in sweats at night. I just use the bag that strikes my mood. If I am going out somewhere and dress for the occasion then everything must match.
  15. Oh I see. I was at Best Buy the other day, I'm not sure which bag would coordinate best with that uniform! I guess I'd wear whatever as well!