Does your bag have a dark patina? Please post a pic!!

  1. I would like to see what it looks like on a mono canvas bag to have a dark patina ... I prefer this although my friends like to keep theirs as light as possible!
  2. Oh I totally missed that section! Thanks, I'll take a look :smile:
  3. No problem :3
  4. here is my Mono speedy 25~
    0812 003.jpg
  5. ^^ Lovely!! I'm kinda bummed.. mine is still relatively new but getting grubby not golden :sad:
  6. I love seeing darker patina on the Damier Azur pieces....maybe in a few months more people will have photos!!
  7. Gorgeous!!

  8. ^^^ thanks guys!
  9. I cant wait for mine to get honey color.
  10. Here is my 30 and 25.

    30 is from 2002, 25 is from 1993
  11. I sell my bags when the get too dark, unless it is a reasonable price to have the leather replaced!
  12. I always try to keep mine as light as possible. Once it gets to a certain shade I sell mine. Unfortunately I whenever I clean my bags with diaper wipe, it instantly turns a few shade darker immediately (I always clean my pre-owned bags upon receiving it).