Does your Alexa do this?


Jul 1, 2019
I love my Alexa but the other side of the flap is driving me nuts! The other side is perfect but the other one creases much more. I guess the side panel folds a bit differently than the other side, and the strap and the clasp are pushing the flap from the side. I don’t know what to do with it or is it supposed to be like this?


Jan 12, 2012
My black alexa does something similar, it bends in the middle when carried by the long strap. i sometimes reshape the bag by gently pulling the creased sides down through the buttoned strap and flattening out the bottom or moving the piping so that it sits straight. Also, using a bagshaper helps a bit and I guess stuffing it with something puffy that reaches all the way to the flap (like a woolly scarf) might shape it while stored. IME though, Alexa is a smooshy bag and not always resistant to doing its own thing.
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Feb 3, 2016
Mine did as well, even with liners. Only one that didn't behave this way was the Grass Green Lizard Print Travel Day bag, due more to structured nature of the leather, perhaps. Quirk of the style. But like many quirks, can sometimes be annoying:amuse:
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