Does you SO still keep-in-touch with his EX?

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  1. :cursing: Mine still does. When she needs something like $$$.
  2. Slightly funny story ... before hubby and I got married we got an apartment together. If you called his old phone number the recording said it had changed and stated the new number, which was our number. She called our new number, unaware that we were getting married. She got our answering machine ("Hi, you've reached Lori and Matt ...") and thankfully didn't leave a message. We haven't heard from her since. Thank goodness. I'm sure she was just looking to mooch more money from him.
  3. nope, he hates her
  4. Yuck no way!! His gf before me was such a ....well, never mind...I am sure you all get the point LOL

    She is now married though...thank goodness she doesn't bug my now-fiancee!! That would be soooo annoying!!
  5. I'm not with my son's father anymore...but while we were together his ex-GF kept calling him, trying to lure him to her house by asking for his help with her electronics/computers. He would always assure me that she felt nothing toward him.

    After we broke up, he told me she flat out asked him to sleep with her twice.

    It's funny, but now that we are broken up, she no longer even seems interested in him!
  6. Ditto:yes:
  7. Well, he's not my OFFICIAL SO but we've been out a few times and talk a lot and yeah, he still keeps in touch with his ex. In fact, our first "date" was a double with her! HA! I didn't know this at the time.

    And then there is my ex who I still talk to a lot....
  8. I dun tink he does.... pretty sure he doesn't...
  9. Not really... at first when I got with Vlad she would not go away. She even emailed MEEEEE!!! :angry: It was weird, but finally she stopped and they don't talk much now. She will email him sporadically, but I am not really bothered by it now... as long as he tells me she did!
  10. ^Ugh ex girlfriends can be so WEIRD!!! :sad:
  11. Well she use to call him all the time. I didn't really know why because she cheated on him She also told him on his bday that she did and was dumping him, while he went to so cal to visit her at school. (He drove like 6 hours to visit her)

    She's just a stupid annoying :censor: who use to call him all the time. Until I went off on her and let's just say I was not nice at all!! Four years later she IM's once in a blue moon him asking him about car questions and some other BS. But it doesn't bother me anymore cause I know J-E loves me and only me :love: She just bugs me! :cursing:
  12. boyfriend doesn't have a serious ex to speak of but i just realized that maybe I'M the annoying ex! My ex just got a new girlfriend (it's been over 2 years since we broke up) but we've always been great friends and still chat. Nothing there though.
  13. OMG, that is EXACTLY what happened with my hubby's ex-girlfriend! Too funny. Only difference is, his mom GAVE her our # & didn't tell her "oh, by the way, he is living with his girlfriend":rolleyes: Never heard from the ex again either!
  14. Ex's are weird... for real!
  15. ugh she's on his myspace friend's list so i see her face everytime i go to his page...she's engaged though i don't worry..but she's still his ex i don't wanna see her lol