Does you SO ever think you have a NEW bag

  1. Does you SO ever think you have a new bag each time you carry a different style? I pick out most of my bags for birthday gifts (from him). He see what they are. I might carry one bag for a few weeks then change, or I will change day to day. I can't tell you how many times he has commented "Is that a new bag, when did you get it". I just laugh and tell him, no-the bag is XX years old and you bought it for me. I really think he feels I buy too many purses but my last LV was the small denim pleaty when it first came out. I guess being super careful and taking such good care of the leather on my bags still makes them look quite new.
  2. Nope, I think because i take my bags out and just look at them so often.
    Heck i've had new bags and he didnt even notice.
    Or maybe just because i switch them so often he doesnt know which are new and which arent :biggrin:
  3. This always happens but with my mom.
  4. it happens, most of time BF is correct....:blush: , but then BF forgot all the bags he bought for me on special occasions too, so that kind of make us even hehe.
  5. How funny! Hehe. My DH is pretty good about knowing which bags are new, heck he even knows the names of most if not all my bags.
  6. lol!! My mom was the same way (when we lived in the same city). She'd always ask me about my bags and my clothes.

    My husband sometimes does it with clothing, but never bags. He buys me all my bags, so he knows what I have.
  7. :nuts: wow, ur DH is so knowledgeable about LV! Hum, not quite sure if that's a good thing or not since it's easier for him to detect the damage also the prcie... My BF creat his own LV name, the most famous was 'foil' bags-my miroirs:sweatdrop:
  8. My DH gets confused really.One time he made a comment about the bag I was carrying, alleging that he had purchased it for me. He hadn't of course and we were laughing at how silly that he couldn't tell.

    I said, "Hhmm.. I could use your confusion (i.e. cluelessness) to good use.." lol

  9. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    My DH is a former US Marine----- he notices if a chair's been moved :wtf:

    DH looks at my bags - sees them in my "office" all the time- he hasn't told me which one is his favorite yet-- but I'm thinking it's the Coach Legacy Shoulder b/c it was a true gift (from my dad) and not a gift TO MYSELF! :graucho::graucho:
  10. BUT- it's funny though!!

    My DAD- of all people- a busy Mayor with people interacting with him 24/7- DID notice a new Coach I had gotten- and I hadn't even seen him for a month and a half!!!

    My Dad! :love: MY HERO!

  11. Yah, I think my DH likes LV not for him but for me. It sounds crazy but he doesn't like when I buy other brands. The only non-LV bag he likes is my Chanel Mini Reporter.

    Hehe! Foil bags. Your BF is funny.
  12. my DH is like yours Michelle! he knows all my bags and the names....and he really appreciates LV quality and the bags for me (although he doesn't want any LV items for himself). so when i actually have something new, he totally notices and will ask me when i got it!

    my mom on the other hand is the one who thinks i have a new bag all the time when she just forgot i've had it for oh....7 years or something. :roflmfao:
  13. BF has stopped asking, for now! He does know my LV mono but I don't think he realizes I am now up to 4 mono handbags. He once called my (damier) Saleya a "fendi" which was too funny...bless his heart for trying! After I got him his gorgeous LV tie for part of his Valentines Day gift, he's a believer!!
  14. How funny you brought this up because I just switched purses today. I was carrying a petit bucket and changed to a new red epi speedy 25 that I got 2 weeks ago. My husband asked if it was new and I told him no, its been in the closet. I didn't tell him it had been in the closet for only two weeks.:graucho:

  15. Hehe. It's odd, isn't it? I have tried COUNTLESS times to get him something and he won't budge! But, I know he has an interest in it and even suggests bags to me. The other day he said he really liked the L' Aimable (sp?) and asked me why I don't have one. LOL.