Does you need to "baby" the cotton club tote?


Apr 18, 2008
I'm strongly considering the Cotton club tote in black (I found one on Fashionphile and purchased it although I don't need to make my payment for a couple of days) and have been reading that it may not be a good bag to use everyday. A few members have said they don't use this bag often because they need to baby the bag. For those with the cotton club, please, please let me know if this is true. I would've thought the distressed leather would make it more durable. I've never purchased a bag for this much money and I've sold quite a few LV's and I plan to use my next purchase as my everyday bag (with 3 kids) for a very, very long time to come. Please help!


Mar 1, 2006
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Sue, why don't you condense all of your CC tote questions into one thread? This is the third one posted.

I don't use mine everyday simply because I rotate bags a lot but it is plenty durable for everyday use as far as the leather is concerned. Some people had problems with the straps breaking but mine has been fine. If you are not careless with your bags you should be fine. There are some nasty looking bags on ebay right now: a white GST, beige Cloudy Bundle, and brown Vintage Ligne tote - all smooshed and disgusting looking (sellers say like new - rolls eyes....) because they weren't used or stored properly.
Jan 8, 2007
i've never owned one but i heard there were issues with the straps breaking (the piece connecting the straps to the bag, not the straps themselves). i recall a couple (if not more) threads about this -- you might want to do a search.


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Jan 27, 2006
Beautiful bag!

The leather seemed quite hardy to me, but unfortunately my straps kept breaking (actually, the toggles kept opening up so the straps kept coming off - not fun when you're on a packed train). It was sent back to Paris and destroyed, Chanel Amsterdam didn't even give me a chance to have it repaired.


Apr 18, 2008
I had asked to put it on hold but they didn't offer a 24 hr. hold so he told me to go through the checkout and select pay by check. Basically they give you about a week to send the check in which the item is unavail. for others to purchase. There system automatically puts if back to available if they don't receive payment after that time.


Mar 8, 2006
Roey is correct. You already saw the responses in your other thread so yes, what I posted there was true........I have to take extra care with the tote.