does yogurt affect absorb. of vitamins?

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  1. I started eating Activia yogurt about 2 weeks ago. I love it and eat about 3 a day. After having bloodwork done a couple days ago, I found out that I'm very anemic. Does anyone know if the digestive part of this yogurt could cause me to not absorb the iron? A friend told me that her pediatrician says not to give children vitamins with milk products cause it affects absorbtion. Has anyone else heard this?
  2. Yes it's true that vitamins with milk products can affect their absorption. I'd think that yogurt would affect the absorbency of iron b/c it has dairy and calcium in it, in general, milk affects the absorbency of iron, as well as calcium which i have just mentioned. If your doctor hasn't told you yet, you should be taking your iron supplement alone w/o other vitamins. It's the best way. You know what! This must be the reason why you're very anemic....well, it's just a hunch. The real question is, do you take your iron supplement right after you eat your yogurt?

    Anyways, did you know that taking certain supplements after you eat certain meals can help your body assimilate them better? For example, because vitamins A, E and D are fat soluble, you should take these after you've eaten something that's fatty.