Does work = no LV? Can't think of appropriate bags for work!

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  1. I'm so, so excited to be starting my first job in July, since I'm graduating from grad school. It's at a marketing firm, so the corporate culture there isn't that stifling. However, I really want to make a great, very professional impression, so I'm revamping my entire college-style wardrobe and now considering which bag I should use as my daily work tote. However, it seems to me the only LV work bags (something that, for example, fits legal size documents and maybe my laptop) are all logos. Even my beloved Saleya MM that I've been eyeing for so long has a very recognizable damier logo print on it that I would not feel comfortable bringing into my new work environment. :sweatdrop:

    Is there a bag I haven't thought of? I've been racking my brain trying to think of a non-logo, carried-by-shoulder, relatively large and sturdy LV bag, and I can't think of any. I've had to turn to look at Tod's D-bags, Tanos, but I find myself itching for something LV.....just no idea which! Help? :P
  2. Something in the epi line would be good for you. Maybe the Passy or the Croisette? or the Turenne GM?
  3. An Epi Passy GM would look fantastic.
  4. have you peroused the Epi line?
  5. is epi passy gm a shoulder bag? can the pm be a shoulder bag?
  6. I don't really see anything wrong with carrying LV logo bags to work. I work at a real estate company (professional dress everyday, somewhat conservative) and there are ladies carrying LV logo bags. You can't go wrong with any LV (tho I may stay away from the multi-colored logo ones heheh). :graucho:
  7. Which ever one you choose, make sure you lock up that purse in your desk.
  8. what about Utah Mohican?? it is big and can be carried by shoulder too.And taigai kasbek GM will work too, but you have purchase the adjustable strap make it carried-by-shoulder though
  9. Definitely a bag from the Epi line! I'd say either the Passy GM or the Ségur MM. The Ségur fits A4-sized documents and is a shoulder bag and comes in Noir, Canelle, Myrtille and Rouge...good luck with your choice and your new job!
  10. My thoughts exactly--well, almost exactly, I do carry Multicolore to the office! All my LV bags get their turn coming into the office. Along with my handbag, I carry a pristine, 22 year old Mono Sac Plat. My style is classic with a twist--it's hard to hide style! Tee-hee!! If you must though, I would suggest a black Epi Sac Plat. The Sac Plat in black Epi will exude a stylish, understated look and will work nicely with your LV handbags.
  11. Another vote for the Passy GM! The PM is only handheld I think. I too feel iffy about bringing logo-ed bags to work, and I think the GM would be a perfect work bag. But the Saleya is pretty low profile IMO so you could try bringing it when you start working :yes:
  12. wow, i never realized the segur mm was that's gorgeous! im not the biggest fan of the epi line but now im definitely coming around! im surprised more people here don't have them? can't find many modeling pics...:shame:

    and DesigningStyle and kwissy, it's probably not that big a deal to carry logos to the office, but as a first job when i've just entered the market, i don't want to come off as showy at all.....maybe it's a personal preference? maybe the more i work there, the more i'll feel comfortable about it.
  13. I was thinking Passy GM!
  14. yeah, the passy would be a great workling bag.
  15. I think the Epi Alma would work great. It's smart and classy.