Does wearing the Speedy with the strap really look THAT bad?


Does wearing the Speedy with the strap really look that bad?

  1. Yes! You're going to look ridiculous and like a fashion victim

  2. No, it looks fine

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  1. As some of you may know, I have been going batty trying to find a hands-free shoulder or messenger bag with the capacity of a Speedy 30. I have been going back and forth between the BV, Damier Geant Loup, Azur Noe, and Azur Saleya MM. My aunt suggested I just get a strap for my Monogram Speedy 30, so I can wear it messenger style, and I wont have to get another bag. However I don't think it looks good with the strap because it has to be attached to where the handles are, which are too close together.

    What do you all think?

    I voted yes, just so I can see the poll results.
  2. I'd have to see it to really judge it, although when I picture it in my mind it looks strange, because, like you said, it's hanging from the handles which makes it close together.

    I have a Speedy 30 and a Petit Noé and I find they hold the same amount. I can easily put everything in my Speedy 30 into my Petit Noé. I could probably fit more in the Petit Noé if I left it untied.
  3. most definitely YES. the Speedy - and the Alma for that matter - isn't designed to have a shoulder strap. it looks too odd having the straps too close together. go for the Seleya!
  4. Ooops! I voted in the wrong category. My first Speedy 25 and Alma I wore with a strap when it's necessary. Usually the strap is stored in the dustbag it came with. I don't think it's strange. If you are too fashion conscience and worry what others would think. I would advise against.
  5. I wouldn't use a shoulder strap on my speedy, unless maybe if I was traveling and carrying a lot of stuff...might want hands free. Although, I'd probably just carry one of my shoulder bags instead. Using a shoulder strap is definitely function over form IMO.
  6. I just saw a woman today in Boston with a Speedy 30 and she had the strap attached to it. It looked a little weird because with the strap on there it caused the bag to sag even more than normal and look really thin and squished, kwim? I wasn't crazy about it. JMHO.
  7. Personally, I think it looks fine.....and further more it is the trend, look at bags like the stephen, cabas raye and new damier all being designed as hand held and with shoulder straps....kwim?
  8. I would not wear the Speedy with the strap.
  9. wheres the meeeeeeeh, i think it MIGHT work.. poll option.
  10. I wouldn't wear my speedy or alma with a strap. I think they are designed to be handheld and look best that way.
  11. I'm not sure. I'll try my speedy with my sophie strap and let you know...
  12. I've seen it done on a speedy 25 and I personallyu didn't like it.
    There is one messenger bag I really like...and for the life of me I can't remember the name doh!

    ahhh found it...the sologne!
  13. i think it would look fine. my friend has the shoulder strap and its just with the MC speedy.
  14. I think the proportions of the bag go off. I've actually seen a similar bag with a shoulder strap by another designer. That bag had the same shape as the speedy but was designed so that the strap could be optionally added at the sides of the bag (as most bag straps are). The speedy looks odd because you have to fix the strap to where the handles are attached. This makes the proportion look weird IMO.
  15. I love the Speedy (I have three), but I can't handle carrying it all the time or putting it in the crook of my arm, so therefore, I use the strap. I have straps that I use with my Speedys and Deauville, plus I used to own an Alma and a Trouville that I used the straps with as well.

    The Alma, Deauville, and Trouville are all designed to have straps because the d-ring is built into both sides of the handles of all three bags. In fact, I think the Ellipse is also built in the same manner with d-rings in the handles.

    I wish the Speedy was built with a d-ring but it isn't.... I even tried to special order my Damier Speedy 25 with d-rings but LV wouldn't do it - this was back in 2004.

    The strap is very useful since you can throw the Speedy behind your back when you are in a restroom and are trying to wash your hands without having to put the Speedy down anywear (yuck!).

    The strap clips do rub against the Speedy's handles and turn the corners of the handles a little back, but it's not noticeable unless you scrutinize the Speedy up close.

    I don't use the strap on my Speedy in a messenger style - that would be too awkward in my opinion, so I just let the strap with Speedy hang on my shoulder. And, I avoid the sag because I use a rectangular piece of cardboard in all of my Speedys. (I guess the sag is another "no" when it comes to Speedys, but to each their own!!) :yes: