Does wearing black and white make you feel like a waitress?

  1. I really try and avoid black skirt or trousers with a white top because I'm really conscious of this :rolleyes:

    But I'm going out this Saturday and without thinking I've bought myself a new white top, which I will be wearing with a black skirt! Is it a no-no?
  2. Umm, no.
  3. I personally love a white top with either black pants or black skirt. I think it's classic.
  4. Absolutely not! It's a classic combination.
  5. I'm a waitress and I don't wear black OR white. :p
  6. It's a classic so I think you'll be fine. I think the key is to accessorize it to make it feel less like a uniform. Some examples would be a red shoe or bag, bold jewlery, etc.
  7. I think it is a classic color combo. In fact, I wore it on Saturday night! :smile:
  8. throw in some red accessories...
  9. wearing black and white does not make me feel like a waitress, and even if it did, i'm not sure why that would be negative.
  10. i hate it... makes me feel like a penguin
  11. I think its all the way you wear it- especially the top and the accessories that go with it. I agree if you dont do it right it can look a bit like a uniform.
  12. i also think it's classic but to break it up a bit i would wear a red wide belt or great jewelry...
  13. Not at all! I love black and white with a colorful shoe or other accessory.
  14. I thought I was the only one who felt that way. I try to avoid it as much as possible.
  15. I love this idea!

    It always makes me feel like a waitress, particularly if I tuck the shirt into the skirt, but then again, I don't look good in button-down shirts.

    But the color-it-up ideas are great!