Does wapity and agenda come with dustcover from eLux?

  1. eLuxury is now offering free shipping!:yahoo:
    I want to buy a wapity and an agenda from eLuxury. Does anybody know if they come with dustcovers? Thanks!!
  2. the Wapity has a dustbag, but i think the Agenda comes in a box
  3. the vernis agenda I got this summer came with a dustcover from elux......
  4. i didnt get a dustcover for my agenda
  5. My LV Mono Agenda didn't come with one so I asked my SA about it and she told me the only agendas that come with the dustcover is the Vernis line but she ended up giving me one for my agenda.
  6. i got a dustcover for my koala agenda.
  7. I did too. It's a little envelope. Got a drawer box, too.
  8. yeah, I think you get one for the Vernis and the Koala agenda's, I would also say MC and Suhali would get one too as these are all the kinda higher end agendas that have something on them more prone to scratching or damage.....
  9. Mono Koala agenda does come with a dustcover.
  10. when i bought my epi agenda it came in a box, and i had to go back to ask for the dustbag =)