Does waiting make it better?


I need more shelf space!
Sep 13, 2005
[This thread is NOT what you think!]

When you decide you HAVE to have some hard-to-get bag and you need to wait for it, does that build the excitement or reduce it?

I preordered an IF Carina "Stud Muffin" (ok, that makes it seem like the thread IS what you thought at first!) and its due in about four weeks. In some ways, I kinda feel like I have the bag already and the actual possession-taking will be a let-down. I'm seriously contemplating giving it up because other things have caught my eye since I plunked my $ down.

Maybe if I actually carried the Carina these past few weeks, it would become 'mine' and part of my life and I'd love it but I'm just not feeling it. Of course, I won't cancel my preorder now. I'll go in when it comes in and see and feel it and then make a decision.

I'm pretty sure this wouldn't happen if I was waiting for a Birkin. Maybe this means the big, studded hobo phase is over for me....
I really loved the stud muffin when u first showed us a couple weeks back, but I changed my mind on it because it has a few studs too many.

There are some more great IF bags coming out, maybe u should wait and see, just to compare.
I think it depends, there was a Gucci I really wanted a while ago, and then a different shape one caught my mind and I changed my mind. But then there were these sunglasses, and I waited a while and then I just wanted them more and more! So I think it can go either way ... but if you aren't completely psyched about it, I would shop a little more if I were you, you might find something you like better!
I feel the same way you do Issmom. I have the Chloe Paddington on pre-order right now, set to come in sometime soon...but since I put my name on the list I have seen other things and the waiting just sucks :sad: