Does Violet/Grape Look Like Ink??? Bright Purple?

  1. I'm so confused about this color :sad:. In most of the pics I've seen, the color looks like a beautiful, vibrant purple. But I just read a thread about a violet twiggy and it was described as similar to ink. (not a color I like)

    Violet owners - please describe your bag ;). Is it brighter and more vibrant than eggplant? (I'm not a fan of eggplant, too dark for my taste)

    I love vibrant colors...will I love violet or should I pass?

    Please help PF sisters!!!
  2. LTL, IMO it is a lot closer to, though not identical to, eggplant. I have seen a couple of dark Twiggy pix, but I think Ink is a much darker color. Here's my grape PT:

  3. Violet is not close to ink at all. It is definitely a purple color, more similar to eggplant.
  4. agreeing with the girls here...

    violet is very saturated and bright. almost a barney-purple...nothing like ink and really not too close to eggplant either. it's far more purple.
  5. Thanks everyone. The thread had me confused as the third pic that some said was very close to the true color of violet was very similar to ink.

    Rollergirl - your PT has amazing leather . It's really the perfect addition to your spectacular collection...:heart:

    canada's - Barney purple is good :smile:

    Thanks !
  6. It is not ink at all Live!!!
  7. violet is bright and really pretty out door

    but in door it look a bit darker ^^

    *sorry for my english :sweatdrop: