Does Vernis come in Pink?

  1. Hi everyone -- I saw a woman this weekend that had a LV vernis in a cotton candy pink color - very very pale pink - but I don't see it on elux - does it come in this color??

    thank u :smile:
  2. they used to have that color
  3. There were two different was just called "pink" and the other newer one came out last year and was called "marshmallow." That was probably the one you saw.
  4. yea.. exactly what Lvbabydoll said. marshmellow! i want! so cute. *sigh*
  5. I have a rose vernis...its in the marketplace...maybe thats the pink your talking about...
  6. it was light light pink - like baby pink. super cute. i want to find one!!! anything, a wallet, handbag whatever - it was to DIE for!
  7. I love pink!!!!!
  8. There was a pink color in the very first collection of Vernis bags which was back in 1999 called Rose, then another came out in 2004 that was a very pale pink called Marshmellow. I posted a picture of my Spring Street from 1999 which is the Rose color last month but in case you didn't see it here it is again...

    Both pinks have been discontinued and the only way to get them is from a reputable seller on eBay.

    Here is the link to my picture on here of the pink Spring Street:
  9. Yup..then it was marshmallow. I don't have a better pic of the bags right now and I know people get sick of my posting the pic of my whole vernis collection but the Sullivan on the left is the first pink that came out and the large bag in the back, the Petronia, is the marshmallow color (which, IMO, is a little more shimmery than the first pink color.)

    Here are some on ebay:
  10. No, LVbabydoll. We don't get sick looking at your vernis collection. I love all of your vernis collection especially the marsmallow!!!! You have such a beautiful collection.:love: :love:
  11. are you kidding? upside down LV's don't mean it's fake..
  12. Aww thanks. I just don't like posting it TOO much because it feels like self promotion lol.

    As for that one bag, I think the LVs have to be upside down on the back for the flap to look right. This one:
    is authentic and it too has the LVs upside down on the back.
  13. Actually, this is real. The picture with the upside down LV's is the back. Many styles have upside down LV's.
  14. Is this the color: