Does VEINY= FLAKING later on?


Nov 2, 2006
Hi!! I really find veiny bags nicer than non veiny bags aesthetically.
But they are kinda rough to touch. I am so scared that these veins would later on flake to pieces, maybe in a year or two?

Will it girls?

I find smooth leather looks nicer on black, greige and rouge vif but not nice on grenat, bordeaux , truffle and blueberry. Agree?

Thanks in advance for all your inputs:idea:
I don't know. My black bbag is now officially one year old and it hasn't flaked at all. It's pretty veiny, but it seems to have gotten softer not flaky.

Oh!! thank god!! I treated my truffle to lots of leather lotion and it got softer and thicker but theres still the roughness and the lines. Did you treat yours?

I love to look at my truffle city but so scared to use it coz I might scratch it accidentally...which might trigger a Flaking Meltdown.

I sold my super smooth and thick blueberry city coz it lacks the IT/ WOW factor.
If anything, I would think the NON veiny bags would flake more... because the veiny bags are less smooshy (at least the spring 06 leather)... im more worried about my black Bbag (not sure what season) because it's pretty wrinkled and crack-esque
the leather on my 05 navy was not too veiny, not too smooth when I bought it. With some use it smooshed up a lot and the leather became lovely, but there were some side effects: some flaking on the front of the bag and some crackling/dryness on the bottom. No matter how much I condition it these flaws don't go away!
Well I guess it can happen... I can't explain why it happened to my navy which had very nice leather to begin with, not too thin, not too veiny...

btw, if any of you know any ways to fix ths, LMK!