Does vachetta' age deter water spots?

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  1. i just bought an 08 Berkeley and it appears to be in excellent shape with a light honey patina. I currently carry an Odeon that was hit by rain when only hours old and has had a slew of water spots since. Will the vachetta on the 8 year old Bekeley be more resistant to spots due to its age or do I need to still be extra careful? Would you recommend water proofer?
  2. I got caught in the rain with my pochette metis last weekend. When I came home later after it had dried I took a soft clean microfiber cloth, wet it with water, and I went over the handle with the wet cloth until I couldn't see the spots anymore. Once it dried the spots work more evened out and barely noticeable.
  3. I have a ten year old speedy and the patina is a light honey and I've been caught in light rain where water has gotten on the vachetta and didn't leave any marks.
  4. Yes, in general, once the vachetta has patina, there's less worry about water spots.