Does vache liegee get corner wear more easily than ___?

  1. VL owners, what has been your experience with VL corner wear compare to other leathers? I've been offered a 30 black vache liegee birkin with PH. I've heard some people say that the corners wear easily. Others say the corners don't wear.

    I like that it will hold its shape and resist scratches, though it's not as luscious as some of the other leathers. I'm looking for something that will take a beating.:smash:
  2. VL is very durable. I haven't found the corners to wear more easily than my clemence bags.
  3. VL is GREAT leather! It is one STRONG leather! VL is really scratch resistance!!!!!!!!!!! Go and get that black Birkin, HURRY!:p

    I have VL and my friend has VL Birkin as well. I don't use mine that often, but my friend use hers everyday! She uses VL Birkin as her daily bag. Her Birkin corners are PERFECT, and she is NOT a type of person who babys bags. I mean she does not abuse her bags, but she just treat her Birkin like other bags.

    For wear of corner issue, with my experience (seeing other people's chevre Birkins since I don't have any chevre Birkin), chevre birkin wears corners really easily. I love chevre lether. It's shiny and SOOO lovely. But it gets scuffed corners way too easily:sad: .

    I would really love to have chevre Birkin, but I don't think I would buy one after seeing several chevre Birkins with scuffed corners after being used for such a short period time.:s
  4. I personally think VL is very durable and a VL Birkin is more likely able to preserve its corners than a softer, more souple leather. This is theoretically speaking. That said, it all depends on how well you take care of your bag or how carefree you are when you use it. You may get what you think is THE best leather, but if you encounter a klutz like me, no matter what leather you give me, I am pretty sure I will wear the corners faster than most people.

    I just got my choc box calf birkin a couple of weeks ago, and have been using it ~ guess what, there are already 2 teeny weeny spots at the corners that have been scuffed. I was astonished at first. Now, it does not matter anymore. I told myself I'm just going to enjoy my bag, and at the end of the year, take it down to the store for refurbishment.
  5. I had my first VL in last oct,and I use it very often,it's not too bad on the corner,i think VL hold the shape very well,and it's the best GOLD color for me(its lighter).
  6. I have been carrying my VL Birkin everyday and have gotten one scratch on it but I rubbed it and it blended into the leather.
  7. Thanks for the encouraging comments and reports. I'm leaning toward getting it. Kind of wanted gold hardware, but since its going to be a workhorse, maybe PH is better. Yay.