does ur bag always match ur outfit?

  1. i have a couple brown bags (or khaki sig) and a couple black. my winter coats are camel, red or silver, or a beige leather, so all my bags go w every coat fairly well

    but i find in summer i change bags more. ie today is a blakc purse bc i m wearing a black skirt, so tomorrow i will likely try to keep w blakc thne change to brown later in the wk

    in the winter though i dont really care- will wear black pants w my brown bag cause my coat matches the bag.
  2. not always. most days i try not to be too matchy matchy. but when going to work if i have on pink scrubs i tend to wear the pink purse. but if i'm going out and wearing all black i try to wear a purse that will pop or be noticed.
  3. nope!
  4. Nope, I never pay attention to that
  5. I used to match them but not any more.
  6. I am wearing all brown today with suede nubuck shoes and my Black Mandy -so no I don't really match my bags.
    I don't care for being matchy, matchy. I just wear what I like even if it is eclectic in it's feel.
  7. I just use a neutral bag so it usually matches no matter what I wear.

    I'm not one to get a pink bag and wear it with all pink, though.
  8. Nope, I never worry about matching my bags with my outfit
  9. I tend to only buy neutral bags that go with everything. That way I get my use out of them! ;)
  10. 98% of the time I don't care. The only reason I'll change to a new bag is if say I'm wearing a blue shirt that clashes with one of my blue bags. Otherwise I really don't care :smile: Plus I wear scrubs to work and then pretty much live in running shorts and t-shirts while at home. Not much to match most days :p
  11. Yes, I do match my bags with whatever I'm wearing, depending on the colors. My bags are neutral and my clothes are very casual though, so it isn't really noticeable when they're not matching... but it's a big deal to me :p
  12. I always match and many times I will pick my bag first and then my outfit.
  13. I don't match outfits with my bags, but I try not to go overboard like a patchwork tote with a bright floral top, but most of my clothes are have solid patterns or neutral colors like, brown, black, gray, dark green so my bags match easily.
  14. Nope, I definitely don't. I wear the same bag, regardless of what I'm wearing, until I either get tired of it (which hasn't happened, ever) or until I get a new bag (which is normally what happens). Most bags go with everything to me anyway, since all I ever wear are jeans and tshirts.

    The only time I may change what I'm wearing, is if it's a large leather bag, and I'm going somewhere dressy (which hasn't happened yet either *L*), then I would change to an evening appropriate one.
  15. i always feel like if i haev on black pants, i have to switch my brown bag for a black one. but seems most of u think this wouldnt look too mismashy just left w the brown?