Does UPS always suck at updating their tracking information??

  1. Ok..maybe I'm just impatient but i keep checking the tracking and they haven't put any new infor mation on it for the past 2 days?!?! Wheres my purse?? Should I be worried that my package seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth?? :wtf:
  2. I have no clue about UPS..but USPS sucks absolutely the same:P
    Im currently waiting for my Marigold mini classique and for two days its been on "international dispatch" and left MIAMI!
    I absolutely hate that and Im all nervous about it..lets wait 2gether

  3. OMG, where did you get your hands on a marigold classic ? That's my #1 favorite bbag and if I ever owned I think i'd be jumping off the walls happy. :yahoo:

    please post pictures of it when you receive it, i'd love to see the gorgeous bag!:love:
  4. I looove the colour too:heart:..its so special..I found it on ebay for such a good price from a lovely fellow PF'er..
    As soon as its here ill take loads of pics for you..:smile:
  5. ok, I meant to write usps, and maybe its just the system at the moment then?? :search: Ya I have two seperate packages I'm waiting on and both havent had any updates for 2 days... they suck..
  6. I don't think USPS has detailed tracking like UPS or FedEx does. Probably they only scan at the time pacakge was accepted and delivered.
  7. *sigh* I just want to know everything will be ok... :blink: And that because I cant track my bag, because they arnt tracking my bag, that bag still is on its way to me... Im scared... Somebody hold me!!!
  8. HAHA... sorry got a little outa control there..:rolleyes:
  9. Where is the bag coming from? I know, don't worry frostedbetty you are NOT the only one who worries. I DO, TOO! So at least you know another person in the world:P. I had to start a whole thread to share my frustrations with FedEx Home Delivery (the purple and green logo one), which is part of their Ground service but the drivers are not FedEx employee but contract. So their tracking system is still good, there are some non-perks to them. I prefer UPS, USPS, and FedEx Express (purple and oragne logo one) because they seem to accomodate more like hold the pakcage at hubs so I can go pick it up during lunch time or afer work. I hope you get yours, soon, too!
  10. It coming from new york... i'll just have to take this time to work on my patience skills. :s Thanx for hearing me out...
  11. I've been so impatient, checking up the tracking site like every 3 hours.
  12. haha.. me too... Havent been getting much else done... Running when the mail comes... *sigh* i just want my purse... so sad.. They still havent updated their site tracking info!! :rant: they need a better system.
  13. same here..:crybaby:
    does anyone know if it shows up on tracking info if the bag is stuck in customs?! does that happen a lot during oversea shipping?!:shocked: :s
  14. anyone:crybaby:??
    its been three days since the last update(leaving USA via Miami on the 16th..) there should be detailed tracking available cause its Global Express Mail.......WHERE IS IT!!:wondering:sos:
  15. Ya I dont know whats going on with their system Oulaliscious, Mine hasnt had any updates on there since the 15th. I'm wondering if my stuff is stuck at customs too. I was pretty sure then that it says on the tracking info when it reaches customs and when it leave customs though, so thats why im nervous. Hopefuly by tonight it will have somthing. :hrmm: