Does TPF make you?????

  1. Since I found this place I totally obsess about getting my next purse. When I first joined I was very happy with my Coach collection now I have totally forgotten about those and I can't get enough Gucci and LV. My LV obsession is getting so bad I am ready to give up on Gucci too.

    Since joining TPF I have bought 5 LV's purses and 1 wallet and 6 Gucci's. I really need to stop but I just can't help myself.
  2. I'm not satisfied my my Coach's anymore either! It's kind of annoying - I wish I could just be happy with the purses I have instead of always eyeing what I want next.
  3. Yes, this forum has been a bad influence on me too;)
  4. Oh, yeah........................
  5. i'm with you Betsy!
  6. Defintely! When I first stumbled on tPF, I was looking for information on how to authenticate Kooba Siennas. All I had at that time were a couple of Coach bags and a handful of cheapies from TJMaxx. It wasn't long before I went crazy on Koobas and Isabella Fiores. Now, I've sold most of those because I needed to in order to fund my growing collection of Balenciagas. I keep wondering when I'll be satisfied!?!?!?!?
  7. I have spent waaaay too much money since joining this forum! I really only lurked in the beginning here and there and started to really visit and post about a month ago. And since then, I have been obsessed with purses more than I used to be! I love seeing all the photos and seeing how excited everyone is with their new purchases. I think I'm getting better though ... I am close to feeling like my collection is good for me (for now).

    I love this forum! And I also love that it's so varied. Do you know I was on here for the longest time and didn't realize there was a more "general" section where we could discuss other things than purses?! I spent so much time on the designer sections that I never scrolled down the page to see everything else. Of course, I still never have as much time to view all the general stuff since I still spend so much time in the other sections. :smile:
  8. I've spent way too much money since I've been here. I've always loved handbags, but I literally go :nuts::nuts: over them now.
  9. We are all enablers. I was nuts about bags before and now, well, you can imagine.......
  10. Yes! That happens with every "dedicated" forum though. A jeans forum makes me wanna buy more jeans so naturally, a purse forum will make me want to buy a new purse.

    I've lurked on TPF for a while but I finally joined after buying my first Furla. Now I want to branch out. BAD for my wallet, GOOD for my closet. LOL :biggrin:
  11. This forum has actually saved me money! Without it, I would have never heard of some of the online boutiques and the fabulous codes!
  12. Does TPF make you ?

    Yes! It certainly does! I was browsing the forum to see what everyone was interested in and I was drawn in! In less than 2 months' time, I purchased 4 bags and still, I'm waiting to get hooked by the next one!
  13. :yes:
    I agree with Toni, this site has saved me money, too.
  14. this forum is so evil. so bad. i was not much of a spender in anything before i joined this forum but have always loved expensive purses. now Chanels is all i carry. i am more selective in my clothing, shoes and bag tastes. there's nothing wrong with that. the only problem is the spending RATE. too much of a good thing too fast is costly and bad.
  15. This site has saved me sooo much money, but at the same time, I keep buying more and more! I have so many bags now I could never use them all... I had no idea all the savings that could be had on designer bags before joining TPF... it's created a monster!