Does TPF incite you to buy more bags??!

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  1. klp (hope she doesn't mind!) mentioned earlier on the Chat thread that being on this forum so much has definitely made her more tempted to buy bags.

    I'm a relative newbie here and it's a fab (not to say addictive!) place to be, but it did set me thinking! So I'm interested to hear to what extent other people feel that they are influenced by being on the forum??:thinking:
  2. It went from 1 to 2 to 3 in about 6 months, then tPF came inn... another 6 months & another 9 bags!! i'd say it's tPF fault!! LOL
  3. Short answer YES
  4. Yes I'd definately say that since joining this forum I'm drooling over so many mulberry bags/accessories and have purchased more than was first anticipated lol.
  5. I have bought a few bags within a few weeks... but I won't be buying any more as we are saving for a car. I can be trusted to celebrate other peoples purchases without feeling that I have to buy some myself..... I think... :blink:
  6. Yes I definately think it does.

    But, you only live once so what the hell!
  7. Yes since i joined i only had a mulberry now i have a balenciaga and a chanel i blame tpf
  8. Haha, no I don't mind!

    Since joining this forum last September I have purchased innumerable bags (seriously, I can't recall how many!) and it's mostly down to seeing other pf'ers reveals with their gorgeous bags that I probably wouldn't have seen otherwise. Also, it doesn't help when I do a reveal and everyone says that said bag looks fantastic/really suits/gorgeous etc, etc. I love getting compliments (boosts my sometimes low self-esteem) and I think that has also contributed to my bag buying sprees.

    I have finally gotten to a point where I feel I can be on the forum (much less often than in the past though) and not always feel like I need to keep buying bags. I've downsized my collection and hope very much that I can stick to the bags I've got, along with the choc Darwin Bays I hope to find soon.

    Tiree, I love your philosophy!
  9. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: Is this a trick question????????????
  10. Yep, I am also with you on that Tiree. And never save your bags for 'best' ....before you know it, they've never been out of the dustbag. Life really IS too short!:biggrin:
  11. I think the general consensus seems to be , you come to the forum initially with one or two Mulberry bags , get swept along with the frenzy buy loads and loads , eventually downsizing to what suits you and your lifestyle .
  12. Yes because I feel normal here. No-one is going to tell me I could have had a week in Lloret de Mar for what I just paid for a bag.
  13. Being on the forum definitely opens my eyes to bags that I wouldn't have looked twice at before, and actually also to bags that I haven't even seen before! It's a great resource, but the enabling can also make this a very dangerous place to be!!:girlwhack:

    I do have a limited budget though, as well as limited storage space and limited opportunities to use my bags. For those reasons I don't want a massive collection - rather a core collection that will be loved and used. Haven't got it completely sussed yet, especially as I have more (in number) than I'd ideally like, and none of them really get that much use tbh.

    So in a nutshell, yes it definitely influences me, but hey ho, like the others say, you only live once. I can think of worse vices :nuts:
  14. so when does the downsizing bit start? and how long does the frenzy last for? My cc and bank account need to know!! I hope to meet up with Lady F soon as she lives very near me so once I see her collection I am in big trouble!!!

    oh and I have bought a coloured bag!!! arrived today a pink Roxy- lord knows when I will wear pink but having got a black one I couldnt resist!!!:yahoo:
  15. The cat walk gives me Mulberry lust.