Does TPF has a chat room or considering on having one?

  1. I'm just wondering if there is.. Because most of the online forums has one to keep in touch with other members and to get the bonding closer to each and every one...
  2. that'd be cool if we had one!
  3. I think so too!!!
  4. yeah me too!
  5. Me too!
  6. Yeah!!! That will be awesome!
  7. That sounds cool! Then if one of our message box is full, we can remind one another in the chat room. :idea:
  8. And not to mention we can chat with whoever is online at the same time! LIVE!
  9. I would love that! I chat with some ladies now on Yahoo or MSN-but, a chat room right here where we can drop in whenever we want would be awesome!~
  10. I don't really intend to add a chat room to the forum. Just because... isn't that what the forum is anyway?
  11. Uh.. Not really online but in an IM such as Yahoo! Messenger, MSN, etc.
  12. That'd be pretty cool!! Won't have to keep refreshing the page or going back into threads then :p
  13. I think that is an awesome idea. I have seen forums that also have chatrooms! That would be awesome to talk to you guys live! We should have a vote! hehe
  14. i'm not sure, everywhere i post that has had them has abandoned them in the end.. and i'm not sure if it would work with a forum as big as tpf anyway, it'd get faaar too confusing.