Does totally mm fit more than westminster gm?

  1. Does totally mm fit more than westminster gm?

    i have westie gm and find it a tad small for my daily needs, so i was wondering if totally mm is bigger... what is totally mm like in capacity - speedy 30? 35?

    thanks :smile:
  2. nobody owns both?
  3. I think it's much bigger. I don't have a Westminster but I've tried it on and the GM seemed way small for my needs. The totally MM is a perfect everyday bag. Hope that helps!
  4. thanks! that's good to know :smile:
  5. I have tried on both. Totally MM fits a bit more since it's less structured. The Westminster does not open up as wide as the Totally.
  6. thanks :smile: sounds like i might need totally gm but it looks huge...
  7. i realized i need a big comfy tote!
    contemplating on de neverfull gm or totally mm (dont like how big gm looks)... :thinking: i owned de nf gm briefly but gave it up bcoz i was afraid of the cracking issue... rethinking again, wanna rebuy de nf gm again
  8. I am not sure if this helps but XxLangDuxX did a YouTube video comparing the Westminster GM and the Neverfull GM. It is a really helpful video to get an idea of the sizes.
  9. ive the totally gm n neverfull opinion is to get the totally mm if ure looking for comfort.coz the neverfull straps can dig into ur shoulder if u carry a lot.the totally straps is wider so its more comfortable to wear even for more than 3 hrs.i love totally more coz it hv zipper...the only reason i still hv the neverfull is becoz mine is the roses collection so a bit hesitated to get it of tat.
  10. thanks! his videos are so helpful and informative! :smile:
  11. thank you! i almost purchased nf gm again over the phone but didnt yet... have to head to the store... thats good to know, coz i almost eliminated totally mm & gm since i was afraid mm is not big enough and gm is too too big. i really need a big comfy tote but also need a de throw around bag...
    dont get rid of your roses nf, its such a beautiful piece! :flowers:
  12. I only have Westminster GM, when I tried the Totally MM it seemed roomier and wider than Westminster because of the shape.
    So I’m not 100% sure but from memory I would say Totally MM is bigger than Westie GM.
  13. thanks!! although i love my westie :heart: , i just wish it's bigger, squishier and not as structured.
  14. Mine has gotten a bit squishier with use, and I like that it’s structured because it’s my work bag. I love the size for ipad and my other essentials without being too big.

    The Totally has a more casual vibe and it’s roomier, I really wanted it but my SA and husband didn’t like it at all, it’s the last time I listen to them… :lol:
  15. the totally didnt appealed to me at first bcoz of the casual vibe and bcoz i've seen to many worn out/beat up ones... i just realized i need a comfy tote as i was lugging my 2yo the other day in the rain picking up big bro and my shoulders hurt, made me realize that i need a comfy tote and i've heard such great things of totally being such a great comfy tote. :thinking:

    the last time i was there, i turned away from totally and went for a azur nf, but azur its just not for me... regret using it for the first time, if i thought it through and didnt use it , i could have brought it back for an exchange.