Does Tory Burch work for wide feet?

  1. I am wondering if Tory Burch reva is meant for more narrow feet because I have tried a few pairs of revas and they all seem to bother my pinky toe and the side of my feet. Are there any TPFers with wide feet who find the revas just fine? if so, perhaps I should go up half a size eventhough they seem a little big.
  2. I have to say no, not for wide feet. Mine are not "wide" but definitely not narrow and they aren't all that comfy.
  3. I have borderline wide feet, and every single pair of Revas I've ever own has killed my pinky toe. I still keep buying them though.:rolleyes: Sizing up does help somewhat.
  4. i have borderline wide feet too and revas have never worked for me, until i randomly decided to size up half a size and they're super comfy. the elastic back actually makes the shoe not feel too big length-wise, since the elastic clings on to your heel. now i want to get more!
  5. I have medium feet and the width is fine when I sized up a half size- however the medallion starts killing my right big toe after about an hour. It seems to press down on the end of it where the nail is, and it hurts like crazy and gets numb. No more Revas for me!
  6. I ordered two super cute pairs of Revas on one in 8.5 and one in 9. I have wide feet my feet are 8.5 but sometimes I go up half a size for width. The 8.5's were too narrow for my wide foot, the 9's were fine width wise but were too long for me to wear comfortably. I'm sure the leather would stretch some, but how much is questionable, you could also consider taking them to a cobbler and have them stretched if your dying to have a pair. I ended up returning both pairs. I didn't want too but I felt that I would regret spending that much money on them and not getting much use out of them because they were too uncomfortable. I ended up getting a few pairs of Cole Haan flats that fit me really well.
  7. Same here. If it fits width wise, it does not fit length wise and vice versa. I can still walk in the larger size because of the elastic, but it is obvious that the shoe is longer than my foot - obvious to all that I have a W-I-D-E foot problem :sad:
  8. It probably just takes longer before you break them in
  9. ohhh disappointing
  10. My feet are wider than normal too but I think the Revas are the only TB flats I can wear because they cover enough of the sides of my foot to hide how wide they are. I could never wear Eddies...
  11. I consider myself to have normal to wide feet and I would have to say no, Revas are definitely not meant for wide feet. When I tried them on, they didn't look that great. The sides don't cover my feet enough. If I went up half a size, they looked better but there was definitely extra space in the back which made it look like the shoe was too big.
  12. I would have to say No! The Reva's certainly kill my feet. I have several pairs of the thong style sandals and they fit perfectly for my wider foot.
  13. I have short wide feet size 6 and do fine in the heels and wedges with my regular size but so far I have found that the flip flops and sandals seem more suited for narrow to regular width. I really want to get some sandals but my foot hangs off the arch a little too much. Might try a 6 1/2 to see if that helps.
  14. Has anyone tried the Caroline flats? I bought two pairs and I have been wearing them non stop since I bought them.

    They are so comfy and even though I have a wide foot they fit me nicely.

    Also, the Cole Haan Bacca flats are much more comfy than the Revas.
  15. I have wide feet and the reva's didn't work for me. I had to go for the Murphy sneakers which are very comfortable.