Does Tokidoki lead to other things?

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  1. Since Toki got its own forum, I've heard of all kinds of things and of course have new obsessions. :wtf:

    For some reason I'm really big into crafts now and am trying to learn Amigurumi. I also got this book called The Cute Book about how to make little felt, um, things. That's my weekend project.

    What weird and wacky things has Toki led to for you?

    And does anyone have any good craft sites they can recommend for someone who has managed to set a fire with a glue gun in the past?:roflmfao:
  2. yes it does!
    i suddenly need/want tarina tarantino jewelry, i believe it is subliminal tokiboard messages!
  3. yes, I bought many heidi kenney donut keychains thanks to hoot! And, I'm now into Blythe dolls which I'd wanted one for many years but finally took the plunge!
  4. ooh, i like the donuts. I wonder if I can crochet a donut?
  5. I feel that my weird and wacky habits lead me to like tokidoki. heehee. :]
  6. Hm, now that is a thought.:confused1:
    What came first? The Toki or the kind of weird thing we all seem to share (not sure what you would call it. maybe we should make our own brand name. we could even have tshirts :wtf:)?
  7. Hmm I'm not into anything else besides toki. I guess my brain is programmed to only focus on one obsession at a time :biggrin: Altho once toki is over .. I may want to take up crochet .. and maybe crochet something toki .. hahaha
  8. haha i got into the those donut keychains too! ...i just recently picked up a 8" meomi qee from qeester...a few lesportsac metallic qees (thanks to tokidokiangel and electronization from lj)..hmm other qees/dunny that are not toki/lesportsac related..:Push:
  9. that's so funny that you said that! i've always wanted to make my own shirts but dont know where to start.. i love to draw! :] haha i made a few tshirts with those colorful glue-looking things.. real time-consuming!
  10. This is defintely the case with me!
  11. I know they have those things that you can print out on your computer that you then use as iron ons, but I've had limited success with those (my little problem with things that heat up). I did find a thing to make my own buttons so I can snazz up my work lanyard. I'm turning into a craft junkie. Without the benefit of the glue!!!:supacool:
  12. Wooo craft junkies! :P

    I love those donuts and I even tried sewing my own plush but its not as nice as Heidi's :sweatdrop:

    When I used to work at Color Me Mine (pottery painting place) I painted Adios on a little vase :lol:

    I already have an addiction to "cute" stuff.. I think tokidoki is just added to that collection.
  13. BTW, vmasterz how much was your 8" meomi qee?!!?! Isnt it EXPENSIVE?!
  14. designer toys.
    I bought my first td bag because of the qee that came with it, and then got into the toys. [I'm also on vtf (sameusername) if anyone else here is..]
  15. haha... I got into vinyl toys too... actually I always had my eyes on them (I really need to get the uglydoll ones :sad:) but I never got into it because they seemed so expensive... now I'm into tokidoki which is waaaaaay more which makes any other hobby a little more reasonable which is bad for me :lol: because my hobbies tend to be on the $$$ side anyways

    btw I'm on KR but I'm going to join VTF! I put you as my referral ;)