does togo keep its shape?

  1. I know some of you like the slouchy look. However, I wonder if the togo and some of the other softer skins keep their shape. I love my box birkin and know that it will keep that shape a long time. Does togo stretch particularly with overloading? I am curious and would particularly like to hear from those who might have had their bags for a while.
  2. i have only had my togo birkin for a week, and was surprised that it was so soft like my clemence bag. i hear that the newer togo is slouchier than older togo. fortunately it's a 30cm so it'll be easier to keep its shape. i pull the straps and close on the turnkey at night, and even lay on it's back to keep its shape too. so far so good.
  3. Yep, laying on it's back and stuffing it with some soft towels will help it keep it's shape. I have a 30 gold togo with gh and it's still perfect in shape, and nice and supple, too. The 35s may age differently. Fjord may also be a good option for you, birkincurious.
  4. I have 2 Togo Birkins and the texture is different. One is stiffer and one is softer. I think it depends on the leather.

    But both of them keep their shapes. I will avoid overstuffing the bags though.
  5. I carry 35cm Birkins or bigger. My togo Birkins I stuff when not in use. They do get slouchy when they are overstuffed, but laying it on its side with the stuffing helps it regain its shape.
  6. That's good to know HG. I noticed that my togo was getting a bit soft & thought it was because I usually use it for travel (ie, stuff the little bugger). will stuff it on its side for resting.
  7. My 40 is still holding it's shape very well :tup:
  8. DSCN0245_edited.jpg

    This Togo Birkin is blindstamp D (2000) and has kept its shape beautifully. When she isn't being used, she's stuffed with a down boudoir pillow, tucked in her sleeper and placed on her back on a shelf.
  9. wow...7 years and counting...she looks beautiful great shape and FAB GOLD color:nuts:
  10. Millstream, it sounds like she has such a lovely genteel life!!!
  11. true!!!

    Anyway I love the slouchyness of a birkin... And I work hard for all of them becoming like my black one, my very first one, they are all 40, which helps though! And I do overstuff them every time I use them.