Does TOD's classic Media "D-BAG" ever go on sale?

  1. For the longest time I had thought Tod's bags were too plain and old-lady-ish.....but for some reason lately Tod's classic MEDIA D-BAG has started growing on me. I saw the most gorgeous RED color & an equally stunning MIDNIGHT BLUE color the other day and fell in love instantly. Here's what the red one looks like (if I get one it'll be in the larger size, larger than this one shown):


    I've never followed Tod's sale price patterns before, but now I'm wondering.... do Tod's classic D-bags -- in the seasonal colors -- get marked down during sales season each year? At NM/Saks? Or Tod's boutiques? Or do they only put the non-D-bag styles/lesser-in-demand styles on sale? I really love this bag but am not so ready to pay $1k full retail.....esp. if this brand will go on sale later on this summer at dept. stores.

    Any advice/past experiences with sales on Tod's D-bag's? TIA!
  2. i am no expert and i can't answer your question but i own one Tod's purse i recieved as a gift from my mother and i love it to death, goofy shape she picked out and all. there's a newer media bag (i think it's newer anyway) that i want way bad. does anyone else like this designer? i think Tod's is classic. and their leather is of great quality. very well made bag.
  3. has D bags from time to time, at a discount. I know some people on this forum have had some problems with bluefly but from what I have read on this forum they are getting better. I snagged a white D bag there last year and it is real.
  4. OMG what a beautiful bag.. Good luck finding it on sale
  5. A friend of mine got a red one at the Woodbury Commons Tod's outlet for less than $500!
  6. Tod's bags definitely go on sale at NM, Saks, AND their boutiques. I bought the D-bag in gold last December for my mom at Saks for 40% off, and I know their handbags (not necessarily this bag though) go on sale at the boutiques for 50% off!! Good luck!
  7. Oh, I forgot to add that I usually see quite a few Tod's bags on sale on elux throughout the year. HTH!
  8. I have seen Tod's bags on sale at Saks Off 5th. That bag is really cute. I LOVE the color.
  9. Darn, I keep hearing about Woodbury's. I've got to make a "business" trip to their outlets. :p
  10. Eugin i agree haha i dont live too far about an hr from woodbury and i never drive up there obviously i need to do that!!!!!!! :smile: i went so long ago i forgot how amazing but i keep reading about all the great deals there!
  11. I got my Tods Media D at Woodbury Commons :biggrin:

    I love it! its absolutely 'me' so much so that I've actually stopped looking at other handbags. I have found my perfect one & for the time being I'm extremely happy with it!
  12. Ive seen them on sale before but i dont know if u can find the color u want on tods next sale.. i guess ull just have to keep vising their sale!

  13. Well, I saw them on sale here, in Ukraine, so I'm pretty sure they go on sale in other places too. I saw a couple for around 500$ on sale.