Does Tiffany's seperate chain come in 19"?

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  1. #1 Sep 25, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2010
    I'm going to buy a Tiffany charm on chain necklace and while surfing I noticed that their separate gold chain comes in 16" and 18" for the same price ($175), but in 20" it's $250. I don't know if I'm being too anal retentive or anything but it just seems like 18" looks too short on me and 20" is just too long... Does anyone know if they do have 19" chain available for sale? (I don't want it to be sent for altering at all). Unfortunately there aren't any Tiffany stores near me so if anyone could help me I'd be much obliged!

  2. Unfortunately, Tiffany does not make a 19 inch chain.
  3. Too bad... Do you know what's the charge to lengthen a gold chain?
  4. I do not know the charge, but I cannot image that it would be more than $30.00. I know to add silver links (like in the tag bracelet) they charge $50.00.