does tiffany just sell chains

  1. for their necklaces? i don't like the chain on my necklace (it is too short & looks weird on me) does anyone know if tiffany & co. sells thin silver chains for necklaces??
  2. I don't know why you'd go to Tiffany's just to buy that.
  3. no. all their chains come with specific necklaces. i know this first hand because i had the same problem when i bought my ilsa paretti open heart necklace. it came on a super thin 16" chain and at the time i preferred 18" chains. i asked if they came any longer and the SA said i wore it anyway. i thought it looked weird at first too, but it's really just something you have to get used to. now i think all my 18" chains look weird because i've gotten so used to the 16" length with my tiffany pieces.
  4. All their necklaces DO come with specific chain lengths. However, they can all be altered at customer service. I had my mom's chain lengthened by 3 inches. It's very cheap to do this.
  5. Oh! And I also asked if I could just have a chain in a different length for variation with the same pendant and the SA said that it was possible for me to just buy another chain. However, I don't know if that's only for Tiffany's pendants or for anything.
  6. A lot of the Tiffany's pendants don't come "off" the chain, so switching isn't always an option. I'd recommend getting the chain lengthened or shortened to the length you prefer.
  7. i like things to match. plus the chain it came with isn't one that i see necklaces come with very often.

    thanks for the suggestions girls :smile: i think i'm going to see if i can do that with this specific chain.
  8. you can always just go to the jewelery store and get its to whatever lenght you want
  9. I did not know that...thanks shu!
  10. weird. i wonder why she told me it couldn't be done? although it was my first tiffany piece before i found an SA i liked....the lady who helped me wasn't overly nice/accomadating/helpful and they were busy. she probably just wanted to get me out of there. good to know though! :smile:
  11. Hmm I'm kind of confused by everyone's replies or I'm not understanding something here...:noggin: :noggin: because I just went and bought a plain gold chain there...
  12. Customer Service Will Take Care Of You.....Pretty Much With Everything.

    I'm Not One Who Cares So Much About Having An SA.....But, I Buy A Lot Of Gifts From Tiffanys ~ So, I Always Want A Good SA. I Call & My Gifts Are Done! ......As Well As, My Jewelry Is All Set.

    From What I Have Experienced (In The Last 10-15 Years) They Have A Really Large Employee Turn Over. So, When My SA Goes...I Pick Another FAST!!!!!!!
  13. YES, atleast online they are priced seperately so yes you can purchase just the chain.
  14. I've had several 16" chains lengthened to 18" and one time I had a chain shortened. Just go to customer service. They will have to send the necklace to NY for alteration - takes about two weeks or so and they will call you when it comes back. You have to pay up front and will be given a receipt.
  15. You can definitely buy chains separately both online and instore.

    As already mentioned Tiffany will alter their chain lengths, they're really helpful with this too.