Does Tiffany have authorized repair store

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  1. Hi,

    I want to ask does Tiffany have any authorized repair store? Or they got their repair in-store? TIA
  2. I believe Tiffany sends their repairs to the flagship store in NYC or they have one store within the country that does it. In Canada its the Bloor st location that takes care of repairs.
  3. Oh boy, this is a question for Tyler!

    If this helps they have repair stations in some locations, although depending on where you live, they will have to ship the jewelry out (likely to NYC if you live in the USA). I believe San Francisco has both an engraver and cleaning machine, and will, for the right customer, lenghten/shorten chains.

    But no, there are no stand-alone repair centers for the public to walk in, and a store has to be a flagship to have a repair center.

    What happened, and to what piece? Hope this helps.
  4. That's correct, most stores ship to the flagship store in NYC with the exception of places like HI, San Fran, and Canada. I've heard that their newer concept stores have even less options for customer service and they just refer customers to their bigger stores for repairs.
  5. Are the "concept stores" the ones that have the jewelery kind of out for people to touch? I went to the Tiffany store at the Glendale Americana and was shocked that there were just drawers that we could open and try on jewelery without assistance!
  6. Does anyone know if the Tiffany stores in New York have this open concept idea?
  7. Great! I'm in NYC, so i can just walk-in and get fixed. Thx u guys a lot!

    Are they going to charge for repair?