Does Tide-To-Go work on purse linings?

  1. I accidentally dripped some berry juice in to my bag :cry:
    It's not very visible because the lining is a dark colour, but I still hate that it's there.

    Any suggestions on how to clean it? I was thinking Tide-To-Go, but not sure if it would work. Any other tried and true ideas would be great too!
  2. I used Tide-to-go on the dark brown inside of my Coach bag and it got out the stain - sorry I can't remember what it was from! But it worked great.
  3. Thanks! :smile: Tide didn't make the lining any lighter or washed out, did it? That's what I'm afraid of
  4. I've used Tide to Go on a nylon white purse when it got this nasty dark grease from a store's display. Worked great!
  5. No it didn't bleach it out or anything
  6. Stupid me, I tried it on a suede lining when I was in a panic (ball point pen ink stains)--it didn't help and left lines on the suede. I wasn't thinking that suede needs special care.

    Good luck--berry stains can be stubborn.
  7. I think it really depends on the material used for the lining. Just read the instructions and make sure you don't use it on whatever they advise against. ie: suede! I think for most fabrics though, you'll be ok! ;)
  8. I finally found some time to buy a Tide-to-Go and used it on my purse. To my amazement, it worked so well I can't even find the stain anymore! It's completely gone :tup: and this was after almost a week. Thumbs up from me!

    However, it doesn't seem to work as well on light/thick fabrics. I tried using it on a popsicle stain on my little niece's white sweater, and it didn't get rid of that at all. Great for thinner, darker fabrics though!
  9. Im going to go out and get a tide pen after hearing all this! Out of curiousity, does it have bleach in it...what the main ingredient/chemical?