does threadcount matter to you?

  1. I'm feeling nosey :P so I'll just put it out there:

    do you have to sleep on cotton sheets or will any old fibres do?

    if you have to have pure cotton do you look for a particular type e.g. percale and does it have to have a certain threadcount to cross the threshold of your bedroom. :flowers:
  2. Once I went to higher thread count sheets, pure cotton, there was no going back and anything else feels like sleeping in sandpaper. 300 or above for this girl :yes: .
  3. I don't care at all, the only thing I insist on is silk pillowslips because they're kinder to the skin on your face.
  4. i'm not overly picky. but nothing too low (anything in the 100's). but i'm partial to those jersey sheets right now. comfy like an old tshirt.
  5. ooo i think i have basic sheets. not sure on thread count. is it really a big differnece the therad count? do they last longer? that might be something to invest in
  6. the higher the threadcount, the silkier or smoother the sheets feel ... some people actually like crisper sheets so they like a lower threadcount....

    I'm not super picky so 300+ is fine
  7. Has to be cotton and at least 300 TC.
  8. has to be cotton for me too, and a high thread count. i worked in a dept store and got addicted to nice linens years ago
  9. Egyptian cotton and at least 300+ TC.
  10. I love Kate Spade sheets. I only buy sheets 300 TC or more.
  11. Only cotton, hate poly blend. And although I look for at least 250, I've read that the TC only means so much. It the quality of the weave that really matters. So texture and looking at the weave is important for me.
  12. 300+ for me!!!
  13. Mine are all 500 TC or more. They feel like silk!
  14. Threadcount does matter! The sheets we have on our bed now are 500 count. They feel so much better.
  15. I love my super soft 600+ thread count sheets. I wil never go below that really does spoil you if you like sikly soft sheets. Plus I got at a bargain so it makes them that much more special!