does this website sell authentic tiffany?

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  1. hi
    has anyone come across this website or CartCart eBay (they are the same site) ?
    They have lots of tiffany and co, and it claims to sell authentic tiffany co.
    Has anyone purchase from them and are they authentic?

    thank you.
  2. If they claim to sell new Tiffany & Co. jewellery, then it is not authentic.

    New Tiffany jewellery is only sold through Tiffany's own stores/website.

    You can buy pre-owned and/or vintage Tiffany jewellery from other jewellery stores/websites, however. :yes:
  3. hmm i was a bit doubtful.. juz thought if perhaps.. this could be one authentic website.. a
    which websites? could u recommend? thank u.
  4. The only web site where you're guaranteed to get authentic Tiffany jewelry is Tiffany's own web site.
  5. The site has reduced prices!

    Tiffany never has reduced prices or even a sale... that site you linked to does look authentic in that they use original Tiffany pictures from their catalogues but what you will be getting is obviously fake.
  6. Hi All, just thought I'd let you know that I have bought objects from this site and they are actually authentic. You may shake your head but this proved it for me: I received a lock charm bracelet that I had bought from the site and a spring seemed loose or broken. I took it to the Tiffany store in the city, they took one look at it and exchanged it.

    They should know huh?!
  7. there's an Authenticate This! sticky at the top of this Forum for any authenticity questions.
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