Does this wallet look okay with my Paddy?

  1. Seriously, I've always thought your wallet should match your bag, but this is the only Paddington wallet I could find. It's the Muscat color. :heart:

    What do you guys think? Yay or nay??
    chloe.jpg 002.jpg
  2. I think they look great together! I Just purchased a black paddington wallet for my black Paddy....but I am using it right now with by chamois betty! I like a matching wallet, but I usually buy one that matches a current bag purchase, then switch it different bags. I change my bag every couple of weeks. It's an easy task, but would be very difficult if I had to change the wallet as well.
  3. MissNovemeber - the wallet and paddy look great together! I'm carrying a black Paddy cosmetic pouch in my chocolate front pocket Paddy. My Franklin planner binder and Coach wallet are red. It's easier for me to find thing in my purses when I have different colored accessories!
  4. I think they compliment each other so well!!!! I just purchased the same wallet and I love her!!!
  5. They are both warm colors... so I think it looks great!

  6. ^ ITA, I do the same thing. its less time digging in a huge bag when everything in your bag is :yes:"color coded".

    Love the color of the wallet! Where did you get it? Congrats on snagging those two fabulous items:drool:.

  7. ali - great *sahm* minds think alike! ;)
  8. They look really adorable together :tup:
  9. I love them together! Congrats!