Does this totally amaze anybody else?

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  1. I think that you do have some responsibility for reading feedback, though (according to refund regs). When it comes to making a claim later, I don't think they always grant you the refund if you made a stupid mistake, bidding with a multiple negative feedback seller who obviously doesn't send items.
  2. Eeek, that's some bad feedback :blink: That would definitely have me staying away, no matter how much I wanted the bag!
  3. It IS a lovely bag! Too bad it's probably a fake or a scam.
  4. Look at how she words things..."authentic quality", etc. Except in the ad headline itself, she doesn't actually say the bag is authentic. And everyone knows you have to put 'authentic' in the title of the ad or EBay will pull it. Those bags have been faked a lot and that combined with her feedback and the way everything is worded...I'd put my money on it being a fake.
  5. Oo, are you a lawyer? You're a close reader. :smile: :smile:
  6. the bag is pretty though...:love:
  7. The seller received negative feedback from other sellers and not buyers...but I wouldn't take the risk
  8. You know! I think maybe those are the sellers who are buying them! what ya think? So they resell it later, since the bag still not very $$.
  9. It's a good possibility, Ever!
  10. Oh my. That is the lowest feedback rating I have ever seen! I don't even bother looking at auctions unless the seller has at least 99% feedback.
  11. damn....that SUCKS!
  12. Ermm I'm amazed no one mentioned how the watermarking of the pictures and their username doesn't match up. Stolen? Yes I think so.
  13. OM! Good eye Mew! Even more :sick: now is over $500 too double :sick: :sick:
  14. this bag looks real to me... but then again, i never own a chanel.. so i dont know..