Does this style even exist?

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  1. i have never seen any chanel bag on this forum that looks like these do. and i ALWAYS see them in real life. but they always look fake to begin with. the pics i am gonna post are obviously fake, but I was just wondering if these types of bags are actual styles.

    and just to be clear I dont mean these exact shaped bags, im mainly referring to the large amounts of black and white leather.

    if i need to take these pics off let me know. im not trying to break any rules. thanks.

  2. All are obvious fakes.
    The Cambon does (did?) have a black tote with white CC on them but that is the closest thing I've seen.
  3. nope, nothing really even close.
  4. thanks. thats what i though. im like why would chanel ever make anything like this? they look like a bad version of the Cambons.
  5. I was totally wondering about this too! Thanks for making this thread as I always wanted to but never got around to finding the right pictures. I saw this girl a while ago who was dressed very chic and had that second bag you posted, (this was before I knew a lot about Chanel) I thought it could be real because of how she was dressed, but the bag still seemed off to me...anyway I guess I was right.
  6. That last bag is the one I saw EVERYWHERE in Vegas! Saw one today as well. Just makes me want to go up to them and tell them they are carrying a fake bag!