Does this "store" look legitimate as selling real exotic bags??

  1. I don't believe the bags are exotics, they are leather bags that look like exotics.
  2. Hello,

    Firstly my apologies for resurrecting this old thread. I'm new here and can't create a new thread until I have at least 10 posts.

    My question goes:

    Does this website sell real exotic leather products? The url:

    Things to note:

    - They do have a return policy, which allows you to exchange/swap/return for credit -- no refund though

    - They are based in Thailand, which indeed houses The Crocodile Farm

    - However, even though they provide large clear photos of the products, you can't be sure that what you get is what is photographed. Besides, it might be difficult to authenticate a real exotic leather product just by looking at a mere 4 or 5 photos.

    - Prices seem reasonable, could even be on the low side. Do remember however they are not a luxury brand and this could be a reason why prices are not as steep. Nonetheless, I cannot guarantee the workmanship because I haven't seen the products in real life.

    Help needed please! Thanks in advance :smile:
  3. Hi and welcome! I'm sure they sell real exotic leather products. I had bookmarked this website and I remember it being posted in the Handbags&Purses sub-forum before. More info about the company here. I'm not sure how customer service, delivery times etc are tough, perhaps send them an email and ask about availability.

    I bought a pink snakeskin wallet in person when I was in Thailand a couple of years ago. It was not the exoticleather brand though. Thailand has had projects/competitions to promote higher quality crafts of all sorts and it was in one of these stores (called OTOP center).

    Hope it helps a little.
  4. Thanks for the reply!

    That's great to hear. Now then, based on your experience, would it be cheaper to buy it from one of the many stores in Thailand instead (excluding airfare, hotel, etc of course).

    Perhaps you could compare the prices of their snakeskin wallet with the price you paid for yours (that's if you can remember! haha) and it would definitely give me good indication if I should make a trip to Thailand instead.

    Thank you so much :smile:
  5. The wallet I got (see pic below) was about $20 and it was the most inexpensive one I saw, other was up to about $100 in croc skin. Comparable snakeskin wallet at the website above is about $80 but mine has a metal kisslock coin compartment inside.

    I'll also say there has been an explosion of stores selling croc, snake and stingray bags and wallets at Bangkok airport (BKK) over the past years. The finish is of course a little rough compared to designer items like LV and Hermes. The prices in the airport could be a little higher though.

  6. ^I'll also add another brand with quality comparable to LV and Hermes, link: I talked for hours with the manager at the main Kwanpen store in Bangkok when I was there a little over a year ago. I looked at a small zippy wallet (similar to LV zippy coin purse) in beautiful croc and it was around $700. The colors were amazing, bright red, lagoon, orange and more.
  7. Thank you very much once again Elliespurse, you have been most helpful!
  8. Oh yes I have heard of Kwanpen too. Their workmanship is great and they have other exotics apart from croc too, albeit the range/choices are much more limited.
  9. Yes they have other exotics than croc, but they are not preparing these skins in house and the prices are a bit higher because of that. Their specialty is preparing croc skins in SG, but they buy raw croc skins. They have an old artisan tradition in house that is passed on through generations. They also had a beautiful selection of glossy "himalaya croc"-styled bags I looked at.