Does this sound weird? potential buyer sent me a link to fake purse site??

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  1. Hi all,

    The story is I have a bag on sale on ebay, and this person said she wants it for her friend's birthday present? So i said ok, but i will only send it to the paypal confirmed addy
    so she came back and said great and sent me a link to a fake handbag site and wanted me to check if my bag listed is the same one on the fake site? BUT, my computer detected a virus and would not let me open the link???

    The thing is that she has TONS of feedback over 200 and seems to be a long time member but based on her FB, she usually sells much more than buying and never saw any buying of high ticket items.. my purse is over 2K.

    So, does this sound weird?? I'm just trying to be extra careful with all the horror stories around ebay!

    any opinions appreciated! thanks!!:heart:
  2. Why does she need you to go to a site to see if the bag is the same. Can't she tell from the photos? A lot of the fake and/or replica handbag sites are infected with something. That's no surprise. Yes, this could be something "weird," but then again, it could be something dumb. I would email the buyer and tell her exactly what you experienced, pointing out that the site sells fakes and yours is not a fake bag.
  3. Hm yeah, that sounds weird to me. :/
  4. i agree w/ karmenz^^
  5. thanks everyone!!! i will do that
  6. I would contact ebay and make sure her account wasn't hijacked.
  7. Good thinking noshoepolish!!
  8. Sounds like a hijacked account. If you went to the site, it might have given them enough info to hijack your account, too.
  9. thanks! How do I do that? just send a general email to ebay?

    btw, yeah it does sound weird as she also asked me if i would do overnight shipping and wanted me to let her know ASAP and I'm quite wary of ppl saying that they want to buy stuff as gifts...hmmm

    thanks everyone!:tup:
  10. Is she planning a bait and switch thing? Also check out that the account is not hijacked (not sure how to check that but i´m sure someone else knows)
  11. ^wow, definitely sounds likely now that I think of it..

    since she told me to let her know ASAP but then she only replies me in about 1 day when I replied her immediately!
  12. I also had a potential bag buyer ask about overnight shipping which was kind of hilarious since I am in Sweden and she was in the States:roflmfao: I just told her that no way would a package arrive the next day if I were to send it from Sweden:P Never heard from her again. She also wanted it as a gift......maybe it was the same person:confused1: you have her ebay id?


  13. I;m so glad my DH installed a strong antivirus program as I could not open the link , when I tried, it said there was trojan virus and my computer refused to open it
  14. wow thanks kat! sounds weird...she wanted it as a gift for her friend's bday?
    her ID is aniquesales :confused1:
  15. Well, that was my first thought..the bait and switch thing...why else would she want you to confirm if the fake bag was looking the same as your authentic one? Or she wanted to give you the virus. I think of it my "buyer" also sent me a link to a french? site with fake bags (same buyer over night shipping etc) and wanted me to take a look at it to see if it was the same as mine!!!!!!!!!!! This MUST be the same person!