Does this sound real to you? Graphic email from ebay seller :/

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  1. My mom paid for something 3 weeks ago, and hasn't gotten the item. He charged $28 shipping on top of it, saying it was so high because he was disabled. Okay. So here's the response she got after emailing him a week ago.
    Does this sound like something the PO would do? Call?
    If this is true, it's very sad, but after everything I've been reading about ebay, it's hard to not be skeptical. :/ Why on earth would you tell somebody you don't know all these details?

  2. um may god forgive me but that's a little tmi. i don't know if it's true but the detail was a little much.
  3. Seriously. And last week he was disabled and said he had to pay people to go to the post office for him... but in that email he says he "made it to the post office" to have them track the package...oi vey.
  4. It does sound a little over the top but I suggest waiting to see if you recieve the packet. If you do, then dont worry if the person is lying or not. Sure they could be lying, but thats their problems as long as you recieve what you want. Then ofcourse they could very well be telling the truth, so lets not jump to conclusions, because if it is true it wont make you feel too good! befeit of the doubt is what ı suggest untill you (hopefully) recieve the package.

    Goodluck. xx
  5. I may be callous, but TMI is right. What does that have to do with anything? I don't think that the person's life story should be part of an ebay deal. I hate sob stories, especially if they come from strangers.
  6. if you're going to lie, at least get your lies straight...
    but i guess you should wait...give him the benefit of the doubt?
  7. I would set a date for logical receipt of the bag-if it doesn't arrive by the projected date (it's already been drawn out too long) I would hit this seller with every ebay/Paypal resource available to you. I do not believe (as a seller) that the ups and downs of my life should involve the buyer-if you want to keep selling on ebay and be believed as a reputable person, you do what you said you would when you listed the bag. IMO, an apology for the lateness and a # was all you needed to hear.
  8. Was this by chance a seller "newwithtags"??
  9. No, I don't think so. Please don't tell me somebody else is using that sad story!
  10. Sounds to me like he's pulling your leg... That email was way over the top. True or not, you didn't need to know all that...
  11. Definitely over the top. Who would give such a graphical story, she could've just said there was a tragedy in the family and your parcel was delayed. The part when she said 'then he bounced to the other lane and ran over by a truck' like WTF.
  12. Definatley sounds like a bit fishy! but I agree with everyone else, wait and see if it arrives and if everything is ok then I guess it doesn't matter whether it is the truth or not! :yes:
  13. I guess I would look at his other feedback to see if he's generally reliable (probably should do that before buying anything)--but take a look now. Do things generally arrive on time? The post office has pickup as does UPS, so I don't understand having to have someone go to the post office for him.
  14. I agree with the others, last week he is disabled and this week his brother has been in a car accident. Something similar happened to me, but the seller said she was on vacation, then her mother died and had no access to email (yet she was still posting and responding to other ebay acutions)...finally I got my money back (after about 3 weeks of continually fighting with her).

    hope it all works out
  15. Fake