Does this sound like shilling?

  1. one hour before this auction my bf was bidding on , a new ebayer started billing against him. The person just registered that day and had 100 percent history with the seller. My bf and the other bidder were in a bidding war. lol my bf gave up.Does that sound shady?
  2. Mmmm fishy... I suspicious it's shill bidding, too. Just report to eBay.
  3. The person lives in another country though, does that make a difference?
  4. I don't think so coz a few months ago, my seller relist my paid item under another ID and that "another ID" is in another state~friend of my seller. We don't know if that newbie you said open bidding war is seller's fams on not
    :shrugs: but just report it if you suspect them, eBay will investigate.
  5. you'll probably get a 2nd Chance Offer, they bid you up until what your 2nd chance offer would be is acceptable to them.
  6. no. anyone can make up where they are!

    totally sounds like shilling!:hysteric: report!!
  7. It's always suspicious when really high bids come in on the last day or last few hours of the auction...
  8. Did the other bidder win the item? And if so, were you the second highest bidder in the end? I'm very curious to see if you get a second chance offer.
  9. Second chance was offered!!!!!!!!! I cant belive this. people are so shady. This is a seller with excelent feedback , :sad: . Very sad for legitimate eBay sellers.
  10. that was sooo obviously going to happen:lol: people really think others must be stupid.
  11. Holy crap! Report them now. I'd be telling them, "No thank you. I don't buy from shill bidders. In fact, I report them."
  12. Does your BF have a lower feedback rating? Maybe they thought they're dealing with a newbie...
  13. DON'T accept her 2nd chance offer!! We don't know, since seller expect higher final price, they may take your money then lost without ship your item, beware!
  14. There is little feedback on the account.So yes they also could of seen there was a transaction with the same brand , different item but he paid much more than what her auction was listed at.
  15. Sometimes, though, some wack job does come in at the last minute, bids up the item, then fails to follow through with the auction. This happened to me once before when I sold a bag and I was infuriated because I knew that it would look bad if I did a second chance offer or put it up for bid again. BTW, the culprits who do drive up the price are almost always new accounts.