Does this sound like an odd shopping experience?

  1. I called the LV boutique near me to see if they had any Neverfull MM's in stock. Yes, they have 4, would I like them to hold one for me? Yes, thank you, here is my name, phone number, I'll be there after work. Great, thanks.

    So I get there and they show me the one on display, and I decide to buy it (my first LV purchase!!!) and then I tell her one was on hold for me. Apparently, there was not. Then there are only 2 in inventory, and they can't find the other one, so she starts babbling about a discrepancy in inventory, and how they had only the display bag. The weird thing was that she didn't even ask my name to check what was on hold (maybe she checked which bags and there were no Neverfull MMs?) She seemed flustered, not rude, it was just weird how they had no idea where their inventory was...

    So they offered me the display bag, which was in nice shape, but you kind of want one that has never been touched, you know? I bought it anyway - is that normal??

    Thanks (new to this!)
  2. Seems like they messed up. The neverfull is in such high demand that it's not totally unexpected.

    I think you're lucky, as the display piece will probably patina faster as the process has started already.
  3. If you like the bag you got, all is well.
    Maybe the SA had just come on duty or was having a bad day, or like you said, confused.
    Enjoy your new bag!
  4. Or maybe the person you talked to on the phone did not know what they were talking about.

    Congrats on your new neverfull
  5. Congrats on your bag!
  6. I've found that SAs rarely share information. It might have been that who ever you spoke to may have held a bag for you and just never told anyone in hopes of snagging the sale.
  7. Yeah same happened to me when I got my denim cles..I had them hold it and the SA I talked to couldn't find it anywhere so she just got one from the drawer under the display.
  8. Hmm.. guess they stuffed up, but really I think they're selling out so darn fast you're lucky to have one at all! I don't think I'd mind a display one, though if it were something that's old stock, like a Speedy, I'd rather an untouched were I to spend all that money buying brand new.
  9. Next time, don't forget to ask for the sa name that you're talking with.

    BTW, congrats!!
  10. Oh forgot to say that - I did! It was a man, and he'd said he'd see me later, and when I asked about him when I got there, she said he wasn't in any more. Weird. Anyway, I'm excited about the bag regardless!
  11. Congrats! Let see some pics!
  12. If you wanted it that bad, but honestly, I would not want a display.
  13. I agree that it was probably just a screw up. The SA probably didn't tell any of the other SAs that s/he put it on hold for someone (you), and another SA might have sold the one that was on hold to someone else.
  14. Something sounds a little fishy... I never take a display bag! I want an untouched one too!
  15. i agree with is good to deal with the same sa.
    there are times though when your sa isn't there and we end up dealing with those sa's who are either rude or clueless. anyway...i also bought a display bag (the bastille) and i didn't find anything wrong with it, just make sure you inspect it thoroughly before you purchase it (in the future). also i think it's a matter of preference.